Unit 2 Summative

Paige Doyle


Conflict and cooperation between different social groups cause people to migrate and create new culture.

My Experience

During the Bullets and Ballots simulation I was peasant, as a peasant I had very little power when it came to having MSU's which made my group the weakest. One thing we did have was the most votes out of all the other social groups. During this simulation we experienced several situations that involved conflict and cooperation. One example of a conflict we faced was when a member of the army and wealthy kidnapped our leader. This conflict lead to a cooperation between my group and the Guatemalan government.
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Connections to the Enduring Understanding

The Enduring Understanding for unit two is Humans migrate, create cultural mosaics and balance the forces of conflict and cooperation between different social groups. After the experience I had in the simulation I believe the enduring and understanding was proved. During the simulation I was able to make several connections to the enduring understanding from the simulation. One being when the peasants migrated and joined the Guatemalan government creating a whole new cultural mosaic composed of the two groups. This migration was due to a conflict caused by the army and wealthy that involved the kidnapping of both of the leaders of the two social groups this conflict ended with a cooperation between the two groups that had been wronged by the army and wealthy.

Enduring and Understanding in the Real World

The enduring understanding connects to peoples lives everyday. I have conflicts and cooperations with people I know. In my social group (my friend group) I hypothesize that people arguing or fighting would be one of the only conflicts there could be. My sister and I fight over food and the TV remote (nothing compared to wars). My sister and I also cooperate and make deals about chores, still very different from making treaties with other groups to make sure they have certain governments.

People today still have big conflicts and cooperations that affect others and make them migrate.

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Connections Between Real World and Simulation

My real world example is the second Great Migration of the Vietnamese "boat people". About 2 million Vietnamese left Vietnam in 1978 and 1979 after the Vietnam War. They were called "boat people" because they fled the country by boats and ships. They fled because Vietnam went to war with China which they did not agree with and left the country. The "boat people" also left the southern part of the country because they feared the communist leader. I connect this to my experience in the Bullets and Ballots game because the Vietnamese fled to America to escape communism, which was our goal in the game to try and convince Guatemala to not run a communist government.

Enduring and Understanding Connects to my Life

The enduring and understanding connects to my life because I have moved or migrated to different places. One of these moves was due to a conflict between my family and my landlord. After this move we where surrounded by different people that do different things, this caused us to Change as well.

Connections Between the Simulation and my Life

The simulation connected to my life. In the simulation I was a peasant and as a peasant I had very little power. This connects to my life because as a young adult I get very little control over most aspects of my life.

Six Word Story

New people, new places, new culture.