The followers of Judaism are call Jews. The people of Judaism believe in the God of Abraham or Adonai and the commandments these are the rules on how to have a good life. a sacrament for Judaism is Sabbath day. Sabbath day is a two day long event that goes on every week from friday to saturday, during this day you have a family meal and the rest of the day you rest and pray.Some holidays of the Judaism culture are Yom Kippur which is a day when you act like an angel and pray for forgiveness for the bad things you have done, you also fast during this day, fasting means no eating or drinking for the whole day, also you wear white the whole day. Another holiday is Rosh Hashanah, Rosh Hashanah is a celebration of the new year, during this day you eat an apple and honey to represent being sweet, the other things you do during this day is pray and blow a special horn which is an important part of this day. A Jews place of worship is a Synagogue, this is where Jews go to pray and pay there respect to God. The worship leader of a Synagogue is a Rabbi/Rabbis. The Holy Book of Judaism is the TeNakh, there are three parts of the TeNakh are, the Torah, the Nevi, and the Keturim. The Holy city of Jews is Canaan, they believe this land was given to them by God. The common figure to all three religions is the God of Abraham. They also Believe in only one God, this is called Monotheism.