SPS Great Puzzle Challenge

Puzzle Comradery and Competition

How to Begin?

Reach out to librarians that you would like a puzzle.

Put the puzzle out for students, staff, and community members to solve.

Advertise the SPS Great Puzzle Challenge and have students attempt to finish as many puzzles as possible.

Directions for the SPS Great Puzzle Challenge displayed online below:

Share your progress on our Puzzle Sharepoint document:

SPS Great Puzzle Challenge 19-20

If interested:

1. Go to pinmaps.net and use SPSGreatPuzzleChallenge as your username and password

2. Add a pin to your school and name your puzzle.

3. Include photos, information, and share the number of days it took to complete (no weekends)

4. Drag your pin to the school you have sent your puzzle to once completed

5. BEGIN AGAIN and tweet at your school some puzzle encouragement or smack talk to keep the comradery and challenge going


Do you have questions?

HS- contact TuesD Chambers

MS-contact Stacia Bell

ES-contact Kristi Leland*

(*low tech and not using the digital format)