Instant Heat Straightener From CHI

Don't you hate waiting for it to heat up? Well, not anymore!

Indroducing the new InstaHeat Straighhtener from CHI

Are you tired of being in a hurry and having to wait for you straightener to heat up? I know we were! That's why we invented this. It is for all the impatient, busy people out there who just don't have 5 minutes to waste sitting around and waiting for it to heat up.

Only $99.95, that's 50% off the orignal price!

Not only does this straightener heat instantly, it cause absoutely no damage to your hair!

Don't wait another minute for your straightener to heat up, call CHI right now!

Heres how you can order your CHI InstaHeat or the 2" CHI InstaHeat Turbo

CHI InstaHeat: $99.95 plus $14.95 shipping/handling (includes free holder)CHI InstaHeat Turbo (2"): $129.95 with FREE shipping (includes free holder)Deluxe package: Add $20 to your exisiting cost plus get FREE shipping