Northwest Hot Spots

Travel Ideas for Families

Washington's top hot spot, Seattle

Seattle, Washington is one of the best family-friendly Hot Spots. While there, go to the Seattle Aquarium and see the Underwater Dome! The Underwater Dome has a 360 view into a mammoth 400,000 gallon tank filled with hundreds of fascinating Puget sound fish! The Seattle Washington Aquarium also has orca whales!!! Majestic Orcas are the marine wildlife icons of the Pacific Northwest. The Seattle Aquarium is trying their best to protect these amazing creatures!!! Seattle, Washington is the right place for you and your family.

Portland, Oregon - an urban escape

Vacation time? Take a trip to Portland, Oregon and do activities both indoors and outdoors! Are you looking for something you can't do in New Fairfield? Go on the Portland Aerial Tram, a car on a zipline above the city where you can see from a bird's view. Another thing to do is pick peaches and run through big corn mazes in the Portland Sauvie Island! Raining? Another thing you could do is eat a homemade Ruby Jewel Ice cream and cookie sandwich made from the Portland Farmers Market at the State University park.

On the go in Sun Valley, Idaho

Planning to go somewhere you have not gone before? In Sun Valley they have some of the best places you can go while vacationing in Idaho! When you are in Sun Valley you can take your kids to some of these outdoor activities. Parents might enjoy it too! Families can go to the Elkhorn Stables to go horseback riding and training. They can even feed the horses and take care of them. At the Sawtooth Botanical Garden you can see all the beautiful plants and flowers, tulips, daisies, and more! So, are you getting a little hungry? You can go to the Konditorei Restaurant. If you're hungry for a treat, go to Toni’s ice cream shop . There’s many flavors like chocolate, strawberry and so many more. Also kids can go to the Ice Rink to ice skate and do hockey inside the building. The best of the hotels is Kentwood Lodge with a price $135 a night with at least 5 stars! So if you want to go, you will have lots of fun with your kids! Sun Valley is the perfect place for you and your kids.

Yellowstone National Park

Need a vacation? Somewhere where your kids can go too? Yellowstone National Park is a perfect hot spot for you and your kids. You can take your kids to exciting places like Old Faithful, the predictable geyser. It gives kids a chance to see boiling hot water shoot out of the geyser! Old Faithful is the most famous geyser in the world. When you go to Yellowstone, you have to take a hike, and you need to go see the extraordinary Lower Falls, which is a waterfall. The Lower Falls pours over lava. The Lower Falls are 308 ft high. The Lower Falls is twice the height of Niagara Falls. Another thing you need to see is the Beehive Geyser. So, this is one of the best places you can go!

Montana Hot Spots

In the big state of Montana there is bound to be something for everyone in the family! First off, you need somewhere to stay. Many Glacier Campgrounds have 5 stars! So at Glacier National Park kids can go hiking, biking, and lots more! Kids can also go horseback riding and camping. The state restaurant is Ciao Mambo. Here their culture food is Italian food. Kids will love it. You have got to visit Montana, They have everything!