Discovery Boot Camp 2

15 days to a becoming a more connected Discovery Educator

DE Boot Camp: Fundamentals Day 2 ................................... Discovery's got a new look!

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Discovery's My DE

In Discovery Education, it all begins and ends in My DE. My DE is where you can connect to all of Discovery's tools, resources, classes, students, professional development, peer connections, and so much more. In just 9 days, My DE is getting a fabulous 21st century face lift - but you can make the change early with just one click.

Updating to the New My DE

To make the change to the new My DE, login to Discovery Education and simply click the "See the Newest Features" button on the orange bar at the top of the page... and Voila!

Note: All Discovery users will automatically see the new My DE format beginning October 23.

My DE, My Community, My Content, My Way - Learn more

To learn more about the benefits of the new My DE features, check out Steve Dembo's DEN Network article, "My DE, My Community, My Content, My Way" ... just click "Learn More".

Focus on Connecting and Creating

When you look at the new My DE, what's the first thing you notice? Front and center, what you'll find are Discovery's most powerful tools for CREATING digital content and CONNECTING with your students and educators across the district and around the world. Why? Because that's Discovery's focus as well. Long gone are the days when the main purpose of Discovery Education was on the media library - yes, Discovery Education still has a world class educational media library, but it is SO much more than that.

The tools you'll find here are for creating and managing your classrooms, connecting with students, organizing and contributing media, and designing digital learning experiences for your students. How? We'll be covering all of these in detail during the upcoming weeks.

Building Community with My DE

One of the new features you'll find in My DE is My Community. It doesn't look like much now, but as you connect with other teachers in your school, you'll soon find yourself connecting and collaborating through Discovery in a whole new way.

You'll be able to see
* the resources and activities that teachers in your school "like"
* the resources, files, and folders that teachers share with your school
* the Boards that teachers create and publish with your school
* social media contact information for teachers in your school to help you build connections outside Discovery.

So how do you like, share, and publish with Discovery? Stay tuned to the Boot Camp ... so many cool things to learn and explore!

Extend your learning with Discovery Educators Everywhere

The new DE highlights current Discovery activities and events that you're invited to attend ... and they're all FREE. Virtual field trips, webinars, virtual conferences and so much more. Discovery offers new learning opportunities every day - be sure to check back here often so you don't miss a thing.

Check it out! If you look in the EVENTS section at the bottom left of your My DE, one event I'd like to highlight is the upcoming webinar, "Leadership in the age of Connectedness" on October 20, 2014 at 6:00 pm (7:00pm ET). "Join the authors of the book The Relevant Educator: How Connectedness Empowers Learning as they will discuss their own path to connectedness, why its necessary for school leaders to connect and some of the most effective ways to do it"

Bonus tip of the day! The TEXAS DEN has it's own blog!!!

Did you know that Texas Discovery Educators have their very own presence in Discovery Education? It's so easy to find on the new My DE - just click the BLOGS tab. Here, you'll find relevant articles published by Texas educators just like you, sharing all sorts of valuable ideas for making the most of Discovery Education in your classroom.

Want your very own Discovery blog? You'll have to wait till another day for that awesome tip :) Stay tuned to the Discovery Boot Camp. Tomorrow - All kinds of media for today's educator.

Kayla Steiner..................................... Your Boot Camp Drill Sargent

Digital Learning and Media Specialist

Education Service Center Region 11

STAR Discovery Educator

Certified Safari Montage Trainer

#Gueri11aEd - Challenging the tyranny of standardized instruction with radical and relevant learning experiences