A Long Way Gone


Internal Characterization

Throughout chapter 5-8 Ishmael struggled with starvation and loneliness but by remembering past memories, he motivated himself to get through the struggle. By remembering the times before the war with his family and friends he is pushed to get through the war and keep going.
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Historical Connection

ISIS is using child soldiers for mission like suicide bombing and beheading. This connects to Long Way Gone because Ishmael's group of friends are seen as these type of soldiers on a daily basis because of how the war has changed everyone's view on children and what the rebels have made some children do for them.
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Important Vocabulary Word #1


Parched: To be extremely thirsty. In Long Way Gone, Ishmael and his friends were parched because of the lack of water and long walks which had exhausted them.
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Important Vocabulary Word #2


Imam: The prayer leader of a mosque. In Long Way Gone, the rebels attacked a village where the imam had been praying and he stayed praying until the rebels took him captive and burned him alive. His death affected Ishmael's view on the village.
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The setting of Long Way Gone is in the warring country of Sierra Leone. Ishmael travels from village to village but there's no indication of what the villages are called so he passes through each one as if they're the same.
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Conflict #1

Self vs. Man: Ishmael fights his hunger and thirst but continues his journey from village to village looking for these necessities.
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Conflict #2

Self vs. Man: Ishmael has to fight his own nightmares by using the memories before the war with family and friends.
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