Team Nornes and The Growth Mindset

Hard Work, Perseverance, and a Winning Attitude


(noun) a set of beliefs or a way of thinking that determines one's behavior, outlook and mental attitude.

Growth Mindset leads to improvement and future success.

Fixed Mindset leads to an ego about your skill set and falling short of your potential.

What mindset are your students living?

How can you teach a Growth Mindset?

This article was very helpful in taking Carol Dweck's information and making her ideas accessible for teachers. The writer, Shaun Allison, is a Deputy Head Master of a high school in Sussex, England. He gives specific ideas for how to nurture a growth mindset in students.

The 5 B's; Brain, Book, Board, Buddy, Boss

One great idea shared by Allison was to teach students to use the 5 B's when you come across a problem that you get stuck on.

Brain (give yourself some think time, how have you done this before?)

Book (look in your textbook for ideas, strategies, or samples)

Board (is there something on the board or posted that will help?)

Buddy (ask a friend who you think can help)

Boss (If you have tried all of this and are still stuck, ask the boss)

Inspire! You can do anything!

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