Updates and Happenings

Brixworth at Bridge Street

Projects & Progress

We've come a long way in 18 short months! For those of you who might not know, we've replaced all of the siding on the chimneys, painted the entire property, replaced all of the balcony and breezeway railings, are in the process of replacing all the balcony light fixtures and breezeway light fixtures, completely revamped our 24-hour fitness center, built an awesome grilling pavilion with 2 propane grills, constructed a Dog Park with agility equipment, strategically placed pet-waste stations throughout the property, and added a business center with Starbucks Café machine to the Community Center!

AND we've still got some more tricks up our sleeves!

We're now working on completely rehabilitating our Tennis Courts! We see that many of you enjoy going out there to play a few rounds, and we know that you're going to love the new court!

Maintenance Tips - May 2015

This month we're going to be talking toilets. Nobody wants to think about it, but clogged toilets happen, and they usually happen at the worst possible time. In the event that your lone toilet is clogged during a very important dinner party, here are some tips that you can employ to help alleviate your situation! Remember, if you've only got 1 toilet, we'll come out 24/7 to help you get it working again! If you're in a 2 bedroom, we'll come out during normal business hours, usually the next day.


  • If your toilet is backed up, insert a plunger into toilet at a slight angle, covering the drain. Hold onto the plunger handle with both hands and slowly, but forcefully, plunge the drain. If the first attempt does not succeed, try again. Contact the office if the clog can not be removed and we'll come out as soon as we can to assist.
  • Drain cleaners like Drano or Liquid Plumber are very powerful and dangerous chemicals that can cause severe personal injury, especially if an obstruction is in the drain. Please do not use drain clog removers in an attempt to unclog any drain or toilet as this may cause damage to the pipes.
  • If your toilet is leaking, turn the water valve off and contact the office.
  • If your toilet overflows, turn the water off at the valve in the wall, and call emergency maintenance no matter what time it is. I promise - no matter how well you sop up the water on your floor...some of it found its way into your neighbor's apartment home! We will come out to check that no damage has occurred to either apartment. Water will always find a way!

Did You Know...

Our pool is open!! In order for everyone to enjoy our swimming facility, everyone needs to do their part to keep it a welcoming refuge for their neighbors!

Proper swimwear is required; no street clothes permitted in the pool and no shoes are to be worn in the pool. No glass is permitted at the pool. Also, please do not bring pets into the pool enclosure!

If you're using the propane grills and the propane runs out, please give us a call so we can get it refilled for you all ASAP! Also, please make sure to fully turn off the gas when finished grilling; we don't want propane bleeding into the air!


Dial 256-830-6950 — Select OPTION 3

· No Heat (if below 65 degrees)

· No A/C (if above 80 degrees)

· Refrigerator/Freezer won’t cool

· No hot water

· ANY KIND of water leak

· Cannot lock door (NOT “lost keys” - must call locksmith!)

Air filters should be checked every 30 days and changed if dirty . Filters are available for FREE PICK UP in the office! Stop by to see us and grab a filter when you drop off your rent!

Valet Trash & Pest Control

Don’t forget we have Kirkland’s Pest Control on site every Tuesday! It’s *FREE* to get a preventative spray & we recommend requesting your free spray at least once monthly.

Valet Waste
picks up from your doorstep Sunday-Thursday, excluding major holidays. In order to take advantage of this service, you MUST:

1. Place ALL trash in the trash can. (MUST be bagged)
2. Place your trash can outside your door no earlier than 5PM.

3. Bring your trash can inside no later than 9 AM.

Any trash NOT in the trash can and/or trash left outside past 9 AM will result in a fine. Repeated offences will result in loss of Valet Waste privileges.

Any and all questions about trash pick up should be directed to Valet Waste. The phone number is listed on your trash can!

About Us

Property Manager: Jessica Hutson, NALP

Assistant Manager: Holly Atchley

Leasing Consultant: Amanda Lang

Maintenance Technician: Bruce Charles

Grounds Keeper: Marcus Young

Don't forget!

1. Please do not throw trash down in the parking lot or in the courtyards! (You can be fined for this and it makes our Grounds Keeper sad!)

2. Please do not sit trash bags outside your apartment door! These attract wildlife and bugs, not to mention usually leave trash juice which stains the concrete! (A fine for each trash bag will be charged - $25 each!)

3. Please do not park in a handicap designated spot without a tag! Your car will be towed!

4. Please do not forget that you must accompany your guests at the pool and in the fitness center! Failing to do so can result in your privileges being revoked!

5. Nothing is permitted to be in the breezeway. You may hang seasonal decorations on your front door and place a welcome mat in front of your door, but no other items are permitted (this means shoes, too!) We will send individual notices to anyone who might have missed this newsletter.