Hurricane Katrina

by: Marlon H.

What is a Hurricane?

A hurricane is a huge storm. Hurricanes can move up to 10-20 mph over an open ocean and 200mph or more over land. Hurricanes are also one of the strongest wind storms to ever occur.

What is Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was the third strongest hurricane ever recorded in U.S history. Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Louisiana with winds up to 175mph. The hurricane also affected some other areas such as Mississippi, Georgia, New York state and Florida. Hurricane Katrina was named a hurricane on August 23 and lasted until August 31st 2005.

How was Canada involed in Hurricane Katrina

Canada has helped in many different ways to rebuild or recover from the huge storm. One way Canada has helped is donating over $1 million dollars for the disaster relief. Canada also helped build 270 shelters and delivered 500,000 meals each day to help families with destroyed and no longer have homes. Canada also sent their 100 most experienced and highly trained volunteers to provide food, drinking water, toiletries, bedding and other needs. The cleanup Canada is participating in is still continuing today.

The aftermath of Hurrincane Katrina

During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina a lot of areas were in destruction. Hurricane Katrina set the highest amount of house rebuilding in U.S. history. Tens of thousands of people were left stranded and left homeless from the flooded streets and destruction. In total there were 1,836 deaths and 7 people are still missing. After the storm the storm specialists recorded the hurricane category 5 in destruction.

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The cleanup of Hurricane Katrina

Part of the cleanup of Hurricane Katrina is still happening today. The total damage cost was $81 billion and every home that was flooded was destroyed or was lost. Clean food was brought in for the homeless while plants regrew and water was filtered. In total over half the deaths in the hurricane were senior citizens. Some areas are still underwater and the cleanup is still ongoing today.

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After the hurricane there were 1,836 deaths and still 7 people missing. Other countries have tried their best to help in New Orleans after the third most expensive natural disaster is U.S. history.

Hurricane Katrina Day by Day