Team One Newsletter

Week of 11/12-11/15

NO SCHOOL MONDAY 11/11 - To all of our parents and guardians who have served, thank you for your sacrifice and hard work.

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Jeff Bromley - Social Studies

Week of 11/12-11/15

In Social Studies next week we will begin on Tuesday and Wednesday by introducing Ancient India and the Indus River Valley, and transition into on Thursday and Friday Buddhism and Hinduism and the practices of each. If your student has not completed their Ancient Egypt quiz or Research Project they need to by next week to receive a partial grade.

Emilia Walsh - Science

Next week we will begin learning about water erosion and mass movement which will be concluded with a project. Last week, students learned about weathering and erosion. The quiz grades are up to date in the gradebook.

Meaghan Harriott - Language Arts

This week we will...

Tues: practice direct quotes

Wed: Read analyze chapter 7 of Hatchet

Thurs: Vocab from chapter 7

Fri: Collaborative work

Last week we..

Read and analyzed chapter 6 and went to the library

Allison Watts - Math

Meri Miller-Kahle - Special Services

Executive Functioning Part 1: Paying Attention

A main component in learning is the ability to pay attention to the teacher or to the task being required of the student. Middle school students, and their ever-changing brains, sometimes have difficulty with this task. A great article about this area is linked below. is a great resource for Executive Functioning issues. Please send me an email if you have any questions.