Paul Revere's Famous Life

Tamas. P

Early life

Paul Revere showed much dilligince in his early life. Paul's dad Rivore and Revere was a silversmith.Revere was also a mail carrer who carre's un fair new's of the Bridish.Paul Revere was also a political cartoonist, engraver, messenger, dentist, and joind the son's of liberty.Paul Revere has much dilligence.


Paul contrbuted alot to make United States for us. Revere took a famous ride from Boston to Concord but got captured in Lexington. Revere was still famous for going to Lexington even he got captured in the middle of his joruny to warn the patriots to go to Concord. Paul was a famous guy.


Revere still inspier's the United State's. Revere showed a lot of justice. Revere was super brave to fight. so he tried to make lebrtiy for all of us. Paul is one of us amerecan's. Paul is one of my top 10 hero

Fun fact's

Paul Revere was in the Boston tea party Boston tea party is the son's of liberty dressd like indians throwng of tea. Revere's dad is Rivore he wanted a name that sound's american so he named his son Revere. Revere was born in Boston ,Massachusetts in 1743.