Friday Flyer

Second Grade

Dear Second Grade Parents,

There's been a lot to celebrate with the Lunar New Year (Happy Year of the Monkey) and Valentine's Day! On Monday, the children decorated Chinese zodiac placemats. We also read Lion Dancer: Ernie Wan's Chinese New Year by Kate Waters and Madeline Slovenz-Low and talked about Ernie's experiences celebrating Chinese New Year in New York City's Chinatown. Today, we had our Valentine's Day party. We loved reading our valentines from each other! Thanks to the families who brought in our special snack.

In math this week, we worked on three or more addends in a problem and comparison number stories. We also had some opportunities for graphing data about our favorite foods and the colors of our conversation heart candies. Please remember to work on basic addition and subtraction facts at home. We sent home blank "Mad Minute" worksheets for you to photocopy and for your children to practice. There is no need to return completed Mad Minutes to school.

Ms. Holzer and Mrs. Opdahl led a lesson on creating totem poles online. The children chose totems based on the character traits they represented. We hope you enjoyed the flipped classroom lesson you did at home by watching the video about totem poles!

In book clubs, Mrs. Kaufman's group is reading Pinky and Rex and focusing on written response, inferences, and comprehension. Ms. Holzer's group is reading Moongobble and Me: The Weeping Werewolf and learning about visualization in written responses. Mrs. King's group is reading The Year of Miss Agnes and answering comprehension questions while also recording the page number on which the answer is found.

We hope you enjoy the long weekend with your families. Stay warm!


Emilia and Rachel