Dogs on the move

There not your average dogs

Non-stopping sleds

Sleds are the fun vehicles that don't have wheels

  • Moves fast over snow/ice
  • Alaskan sleds go though hard travel (Alaskan sled-Trained/Special dogs)
  • Nome sleds narrow /basketlike (Nome sled- A transport for relays)
  • Were once logs tied up
  • Used haul cargo (Belonging)

Dashing Dogs

When dogs run you can only see a blur:

  • Practiced in more than 100 countries
  • Started in 1908 in Nome, Alaska
  • Bobsleds are common used in races
  • 10-20 dogs in long distance races
  • 3-10 dogs in short distance races
  • Race is 1,150 miles long

In shape dogs

What they need to survive:

  • Should have a full balanced diet
  • Need to be kept on shots
  • They eat/drink water, high performance dried dog food, and meat snacks
  • can burn 10,000 daily
  • Since 1973 120 dogs died :(
  • Needs at least one pound of vitamin-rich dog food

The creators

Andrew lee, Emma Gravitte, and Aaliyah Moore


Period 1/7

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