Mini Personal Project

Criteria A - Inquiring and Analysing - Sreypich Heng


This project is going to be a preparation for the Grade 10 Personal Project. In this mini version of PP, I will digitally design a bedroom that I can renovate for my PP in Grade 10. The idea is to design my dream bedroom digitally and then continue building onto this idea in Grade 10. This topic came to my mind because I have always been interested in Interior Designing. Interior Design is the art or process of designing the interior. It is also the process of shaping the experience of interior space, through manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatment. The problem that I am going to solve is actually a personal problem of mine. My bedroom has been designed since I was quite young and now that I have grown up, I think my bedroom at the moment looks a bit shabby and girly for my personality now. To solve this problem, I will design a room that can reflect my personality as a classy and chic teenager. The design that I will create will last a long time because I don't want to waste time and money onto something that will bored me easily. Therefore, the design will be simple, but bold, or at least bold enough to last a couple years. When I'll design the room, I will be thinking about three main concepts: simple, classic and bold. By solving this problem of mine, it will also give other teenagers a chance to think about redesigning their bedroom because Interior designing isn't that difficult to figure out how to do. Art is all about passion and personal preference, so in this case those teenagers can design anything their heart desire. My project will link closely to 'Personal and Cultural Expression' because this is a personal preference in designing something I love and it is also an expression. This will show my creativity and how I feel towards my liking. The design will reflects not only on my personality, but also my expression. What color I like, what furniture I adore and other little things in a bedroom.
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Evaluating Existing Products

Classy & Chic

I titled this board 'Classy & Chic' because this board is really simple and elegant. The color combinations are black, grey, white and red. I chose red because I wanted the room to have a bold color, so that it won't jut be too boring or adult like. By adding red, it will tie every other component of the room together, making it look really 'Classy & Chic'. These colors will make the room look spacious and exciting because of the bold red.

Pastel Heaven

This board consist of pastel colors like: purple, pink blue, mint and yellow. These colors combination are great together because it gives the room more life and it's also very spring-like. I chose these colors because of how fun it will look together. In this board you will see a lot of grey included because grey helps tone down the bright colors and make it look more sophisticated in a way, rather than too cute. The furnitures are mostly wood because it helps the room stand out more. I say this because the yellow in the wood ties with the other colors.

Splash of Fun

This board is filled with patterns and bold colors such as, magenta, tile, turquoise, navy blue, mustard yellow and many more. These colors don't seem to work when you think about it, but when the colors are put together, the combination makes perfect sense. I also added pattern because it's very funky and bold in my opinion and it's always fun to play around with different patterns. I included a couple different Marilyn Monroe's painting because it just went with the whole theme really well. I feel like this room will draw a lot of attention from any guests that will set foot into that room because of all the patterns filled with bold colors and the painting of Marilyn Monroe.

Design Brief

I am going to create a digital version of my dream bedroom. To format everything, I will use Illustrator. Illustrator allows me to draw a real size furniture or any objects and sized it down onto an A3 sized paper. Since this is a Personal Project, the target audience is myself. The theme for my bedroom will be 'Classy & Chic' because it really showcases my personality as a young adult. From my research, this theme is very trendy and modern at the moment because every teenage girl seems to like black, white and grey so much. From doing some research, it tells me that black, white and grey are universal colors. This means that it doesn't matter what age, gender, skin colors, sex or the color of their eyes are, everyone can like these colors. In my final product, the main colors will be black, white, grey and red. I decided to include red because it will give the room more life and will make my room look more spacious too. Another reason I chose red was because it is a very bold and eye catching color. Also, it will not overpower any other colors because it is the only bold color among the four colors. Red resembles fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire and love. These characteristics are all apart of who I am, so by adding this color, the room will be as much like me as possible. Even if I am not there to introduce myself to strangers, they can still figure out my personality by looking at my room. My research also told me that the general room size is 2.5 meters by 3 meters or 3 meters by 3 meters. If a general room is one of those two sizes, then furniture can be easily arranged into the room. My room is a little bit bigger than those sizes, so therefore I think there won't be a problem with having too much or too little furniture. Since, the target audience is myself, I would like the budget to be around $3500-$5000. My final product will show my creativity and it will indicates my personal preference as well as my attitude. The outcome of this will encourage many other teenagers to pursue the same dream, the dream of designing their own bedroom.