Majestic Movie Magic

The Summer Fun

Over the summer, I had created three shot one to five minute long films, as well as a web show currently being worked on. My first short film was a film called, "The Sniper." It took two months to create and over 30 hours of planning, shooting, and editing.

The Science of it...

Film in a camera is light sensitive. When the camera button is pressed, the camera lens opens for 1/60th of a second (It could be faster depending on what camera you use). Light travels through the the open lens creating an upside down image. The image travels up towards multiple mirrors in the camera that flip the image, making it right side up. It then travels to an image sensor which uses tiny light sensors to capture the image light and show it on the camera screen.

I Wonder...

I know how a camera makes an image, but I still don't know a couple of things I want to know...

How does the light travel so fast through the lens?

How does the light know where to travel?

How can the light sensors be sensitive to light?

Why does the picture first appear upside down?