Cameron smith 4/Ms Green


The producers of my food web is liverworts , grasses , caribu moss , and lichens .These are all plants the comsumers of the plants are pikas , musk ox , carribu , lemmigs , and artic hares these were the first level comsumers but there are bigger preditors that are comsumers .Which is an artic fox , and brown bear are the two second level consumers there are also bigger preditors for the artic fox the brown bear is not messed with but the things that eats the artic fox is artic wolves , polar bear , kittiwakes , and snowy owls are the third level of comsumers but there is one thing that eats all of them which is a human being who is also a comsumer but after when all that dies off. Decompsoers come into action which is bacteria and many more of things that eat dead stuff .

How humans effect the tundra

It's a negative way the humans effect the tundra because of how low life is is when it's cold how humans reduce animals when the other animals needs to eat which shortens the food web chain and population for animals