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Week of 4/1

Poetry Month Ideas

As I've begun seeking out ways to celebrate National Poetry Month (Which handily coincides with National School Library Month), I found a neat idea called "Book Spine Poetry." Since we have a short week with the Easter Holiday and Warrior Day, I thought this might be a fun way for our kids to be creative here in the library. I've included some found examples below, but will feature the work of our kiddos throughout the month. Enjoy!

Introducing the Big 6

I will begin introducing the concepts of the Big 6 to our students in the coming weeks so that they get exposure to some of the vocabulary involved. The Big 6 is a research methodology that I recently learned more about and I like the way it presents the process of preparing for, gathering, and synthesizing research. It teaches the research process as a series of six logical steps that build on each other and result (hopefully) in a well thought out and researched project. It's applicable to any sort of research, not just the term paper, and if you're interested in learning more about it, please let me know.

Tech Tip

Did you know your grade book is accessible on your iPad? If you log into Edline in the iPad's Safari browser, you can access your grade book directly. You can create assignments, edit grades already in the book, and add grades on the fly. This is especially handy if you're doing work outside and want to take a participation grade or don't want to carry that bulky laptop around everywhere!

Website of the week

This week's site is Scholastic's Story Starters. It's a collection of writing prompts arranged by genre and grade level. It's a neat way to give students a completely random (and occasionally off the wall) story prompt. Exceptional stories produced through this site could find their way into a future edition of "Shelf Help!" Here is a link to the site:

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