Biography about Melody Liu

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Birth, parents, and celebration

Her name is Melody Liu. She was born on Jan 13 2002 she was born in Taiwan Taipei.

Melody's parents names are Lingling Liu is her moms name and she doesn't live with her Dad but she has a older sister names Angle she is 23 years old. Melody and her family celebrates Chinese new years and is also her favourite celebration because she gets lots of money from it.

Places to visit and places she has been

She lives in Mississauga on Angelonidr Drive she lived in Taiwan. Melody lived in Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Machao, and Singapore. Melody would like to live in Japan, Korea, and Germany if possible.

Melody's talents

Art and music are her talents. She wants to be a designer when she grows up. She wants to be a designer because she likes to draw and she likes to design things such as shirts and shoes in her sketchbook for 7-10 years now. She thinks that she can be a good designer because she has a lot of experience with on drawing and she also thinks that she has a good imagination and creativity.

Hobbies and spare time

On Melody's spare time she would do drawings, practice piano, and watch anime.

Something Melody hates is is hockey. She hates hockey because she said that when you get hit with the stick is really hurts.

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