Mill Creek 2nd Grade

May 9-13


This last week we will be finishing up Fractions and Customary measurement. Students are learning 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 in fractions. Customary measurment will include inches and feet,


This last week we are finishing determining importance of a text and practicing reading fluency. Our last trip to the library was this week so if you find any Mill Creek Library books please send them in!


General spelling list for April 25 - 29

  1. grub
  2. slug
  3. eight
  4. eighteen
  5. eighty
  6. weigh
  7. reindeer
  8. neighbor
  9. weight
  10. volume

Please remember to use Spelling City as a great resource. Currently we are on List 29 which can be found at (Nuelle) or (Brown)

This is a resource used in the classroom for free games and practice for all students.


Mid-Continent Public Library overs a great resource for audio books and ebooks. The link is located below and students should be familiar with it. Once you click on the link below you will be prompted to put in your library card number. if you do not have one you may use mine, although we will reach our limit shortly if everyone starts adding on books. Ms. Nuelle's Library Card #: 20005017049847


Monday, May 16th, 1:30-3:30pm

2601 North Liberty Street

Independence, MO

Mr. Miller is working hard to coordinate and organize all event for Field Day.. This is a very special afternoon for students and we want to do our best to make it such! IF you may be available to volunteer for this event please look for a note coming home with more details. Thank you!


Wednesday, May 18th, 4pm

2601 North Liberty Street

Independence, MO

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