Thunder Dog

By: Michael Hingston with Susy Flory


Blind since birth Micheal Hingston couldn't see anything but he could hear.......

This book is about 9\11. Micheal Hingston was there and you feel like you were too! "The explosion rocked the building, blew out the windows, and ignited a maelstrom of a fire." Quoted from the book pg.64-65 chapter 6. There you go with the !POW! and the !BOOM! It felt like you were there. You could almost see it and hear it in your head happening. This book is the best one in my opinion of 9\11 happening, It was tragic but he never gave up... ESPECIALLY his guide Dog Roselle.


When you get to the end of the book its a really happy ending...

" we need to dream, to dare, and to do. I lived a nightmare at Ground zero, but even a nightmare can turn into a happy ending if we refuse to give into fear. Out of the ashes and rubble of 9\11, we can create building blocks for the future. So don't let your sight get in the way of your vision. Join Roselle, Karen (my wife) and me. Lets shake off the dust and move on.

Forward." Quoted from the last page of the book page #178 chapter 13.

Created by: Amira bishara

Hope you like this book as much as i did. I really recommend it. It is school appropriate and deals a lot with history. It will teach you all you need to know in a perspective of the person that went through it!! :)

Roselle Memory

Go to Roselle's Dream Foundation. She is somebody's hero and we will always miss her.
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