Kaycee Barmore

Self-Esteem Questionnaire

You have really low Self-Esteem. I have always cared more about what others think of me then what i do.

Evaluate Your Self-Esteem

You have about an equal amount of self-worth and insecurity. Immaturity and insecurity and relative, so focus on the areas that need maturing. I need to stop focusing on what what other people do.

Self-Esteem Survey #2

Learner experiences occasional problems in certain daily living activities. Identify particular situations that present difficulty and develop lesson plans using role playing and problem-solving methods.

Ability to deal with rejection

The potential of being rejected by others as a result of who you are or what you do is not something that you allow yourself to worry about. If people don't accept you the way you are, you are not going to go out of your way to attain their approval. Granted, rejection by someone in your life may very well hurt you, but you wont let it dictate how you fill about yourself. You know that the only approval you should be worried about is your own, and when you respect and approve of yourself, you are more likely to project an image to others and say "I am worthy, and i have much to offer to someone." I am okay with rejection and if people don't except me then that's okay all i need to do is look forward.