Caroline: A Writer

An 11 year old writer

I'm a Writer Who...

I like to write realistic fiction books because it is about someones life that seems very very real but you know is not real. It makes you want to root for that writer and be that character. I like to read about things and get inspiration from that book.

A Memorable Experince

A Mud Race

I was at a church retreat called boot camp with K.J and Olivia G. On the last morning we were there, the councilors decided to go and wake us up at six in the morning. We had to go walk about two miles and go in a mud race that we had to swim in. What I got out of this is that even how tired you are you can do any thing I mean it.

About Me

I am a softball player a basketball player and a tennis player. I like to spend time with my family. Also I love to play with my dogs. I love, love, love to play with my turtles also. I love to play sports too.