Pearland Texas

By: Christina Dove

Where Town Meets Country; Classic Gulf Coast ~City Motto

Where (and what) is Pearland?

Pearland is a city in Texas located in the Coastal Plains. The city is very close to Houston. A few predictions I've made about Pearland are:

-Pearland has lots of pears.

-The climate is very warm, and there's a lot of rainfall.

- Some resources in Pearland are oil, cattle, and trees.

The Region

Pearland is located in the Coastal Plains. To be more specific, Pearland is in the Gulf Coastal plains sub region.
Pearland is also very close to Houston, Galveston, and Sugar Land.

(I highly recommend you look at Pearland on Google Maps. It looks A LOT like Colleyville.)

The Climate and Rainfall

Prediction: I said that Pearland would be very warm with lots of rainfall. How much rain you ask? I though around 7 inches.
In reality Pearland has fairly nice weather. The average is around 87 degrees! However there are high chances of humidity.
Like most Texas cities Pearland does get hotter in the summer. But Pearland summer weather actually stays nears the ninties! But the record for highest temperature recorded in Pearland is 106 degrees. the coldest is 9 degrees.
The average rainfall is around 50 in. Yikes!

Natural Resources and Crops (does Pearland have pears????)

My prediction: that Pearland has lots of fruits, trees, oil, and pears.

Pearland has a few of farms. However most of these farms grow vegetables. (Didn't see that coming!) Some produce they grow are herbs, eggs, rice, lavender, and lots if seeds.
Pearland is located in a region known for oil so their are a few oil places. As for trees, they don't have an economy based around lumber.

As for pears I was unable to find if there were still pear trees, but when Pearland was founded there were lots of pears.

Pearland was orginally named Mark Belt, but it was changed to Pearland


Pearland like I've said is in the Coastal Plains. This gives it a very interesting landscape. Like most of Texas Pearland appears to be flat plains. However there are a few forest areas that have been turned into hiking trails. Pearland also has a lot of man made lakes. Some of them are, Lake Erin, Lake Glinda, Lake Iris, Lake Olivia, Lake Nicole, Crystal Lake and Lake Jasmine.