Rhino Report

September 2022

Important Dates:

  • Sept. 5 No School- Labor Day
  • Sept. 6 No School- Staff Development
  • Sept. 13 Site Council Meeting 11:30AM
  • Sept. 13 PTO Meeting 5:30PM Ross Cafeteria
  • Sept. 14 Parent Teacher Conferences 3:30-6:00PM
  • Sept. 15 Parent Teacher Conferences 8-11:30AM & 12:30-7:30PM
  • Sept. 16 No School for Students
  • Sept. 20 Fall Pictures
  • Sept. 27 Fun with Firsties @ 2PM
  • Sept. 27 Title I Math Night 5:30PM

Kindergarten- Mrs. Slattery, Mrs. Del Real, Mrs. Vigil, Mrs. Blackburn

Math Update

  • The students will count, order and draw up to 10 objects.
  • Key Vocabulary: number names, exactly the same/not the same, the same, match, sort, ”how many”, 5-group, rows/column, number path, 1 more/1 less
  • At home: practice counting concrete objects 1-10 and sort objects by attributes

ELA Update

  • The students will be learning to identify the letters A-S along with their corresponding sound.
  • Students will be introduced to sight words.
  • Students will also be working on rhyming words and identifying the initial sound of a given word.

Quarterly Reading Goal

  • Continue reading together at home to help your child meet their reading goal.

1st Grade- Miss Theis, Mrs. Hansen, Mrs. Burkhart, Mrs. Veeder

Math Update
  • Solving word problems to add within 10
  • Number bonds within 10

ELA Update

  • Story elements-characters, setting, events

Science Update

  • nocturnal animals; comparing birds and bats

Writing Update

  • narratives

Social Studies Update

  • civics, friendship

Quarterly Reading Goal

  • Two Books

2nd Grade- Mrs. VanArsdale, Mrs. Hessman, Ms. Montes, Miss. Leslie

Math Update
  • Module 2- measurement in centimeters

ELA Update

  • Review short and long vowels

Reading Goal

  • September reading goal sent home. Read 20 minutes minimum each night. Reading goals due October 3rd

3rd Grade- Mrs. Cook, Miss Cox, Ms. Martinez, Mrs. Heirs, Mrs. Gutierrez

Math Update
  • Please review addition and subtraction facts.
  • We will begin exploring grouping and array strategies to introduce multiplication.
  • While you are cooking, have your child make equal groups with noodles, beans, rice, etc. Discuss group size, number of groups, and create a multiplication sentence related to their groups.

ELA Update

  • We will do a narrative writing piece where the student chooses their own character, setting, and problem.
  • While reading with your child ask your child to share the characters, setting, and problem of the story.

Quarterly Reading Goal

  • Reading goals are specific to each classroom. More specific instructions will be sent home with your child from their classroom teacher.

4th Grade- Mrs. Guerrero, Miss. Murillo, Mrs. Knight, Mrs. Hager, Mrs. Groth

Math Update
  • We are working on place value.
  • Your family can explore numbers to the millions. Discuss the differences between the different place values, comparing numbers and rounding numbers.
  • In 4th grade it is very important to know the multiplication facts. Please start reviewing them with your child.
  • This link will help you better understand what your child is learning. Grade 4 Module 1

ELA Update

  • This month we are working in unit 1, module A in our resources called ReadyGen. We will be reading text and looking for details and author evidence that help us with our understanding. Classes will be working on independent writing, leading to writing a short biography based on the experiences of a scientist.
  • At home you can discuss with your child details from the books they are reading and ask how these help them to better understand the text.

Quarterly Reading Goal

(All books are at the student's reading level)

  • 1 fiction book
  • 1 nonfiction book
  • 1 biography

5th Grade- Mrs. Irsik, Miss Bacon, Ms. Botello, Mrs. Jenkins

Math Update
  • Understanding the place value system
  • Perform operations with multi-digit whole numbers and with decimals to hundredths
  • We will be determining your student's baseline math skills using FastBridge Screening

ELA Update

  • Within the month, we will be working with various areas in English and Language Arts. Students will write their own narrative story and be able to understand and determine common themes from various trade books and selections that students will enjoy.

Quarterly Reading Goal

  • In the first quarter, students will be expected to complete 20 minutes of reading daily. They will fill out a reading log including a summary, pages read, time spent, and an adult signature.

Music- Miss Corwin and Mrs. Bennett

  • Kindergarten- fast and slow/making a circle
  • 1st Grade- Presto (fast) / Largo (slow)
  • 2nd Grade- Verse/Refrain
  • 3rd Grade-Ask your child their new tempos! (Moderato-medium, Allegro-Fast, Adagio-Slow)
  • 4th Grade- Ask your child their new tempos! (Accelerando-getting faster, Ritardando-getting slower)
  • 5th grade- Ask your child what the melody of a song is. (it's the part that you remember and can recall all day!)

Physical Education- Mr. Burkhard and Mr. Rogers

Introductory Activities

Team Building

Intro. to Health

Fitness Testing

Library- Mrs. Fairbank

Student Support Services- Ms. Alarcon

Welcome Back Ross Families!

Welcome back we will begin the school year with a new curriculum.

Second Step Elementary is a research-based social-emotional learning program designed to improve children’s social-emotional skills. Second Step skills and concepts are designed to help children both in and out of school.

Unit 1: Growth Mindset & Goal-Setting

Children learn how to pay attention and manage distractions, develop a growth mindset, and apply goal-setting strategies to their social and academic lives.

Feel free to contact me if I assist your family in any way. You can contact me via email and Talking Points.


– Ms. Alarcon

School Psychologist- Mrs. Millershaski

School Psychologist Corner

Welcome Back to Ross! We are excited to have you back. As school begin, your child may be anxious about school or classroom expectations. To help decrease a child’s worries about school give time to share at night about how their day went. Examples of prompts to help your child share include-

What was the best part of your day?

What was the hardest part of the day?

What is one new thing you learned today?

What are you excited for tomorrow?