Welcome to the Marshfield High School Library Media Center

Breanne Rost - Library Media Specialist

I have been working in the MHS LMC since 2010. I spent two years as the Library Aide before taking over as the Library Media Specialist in 2012. Before coming to MHS I graduated with a business management degree and worked at a software company for 7 years. Since coming to MHS I have taught Computer Applications in the classroom, finished my masters degree in education, and become a Student Council Co-Advisor.

April James - Library Aide

This is my first year as the library assistant at MHS. Before joining the MHS staff I worked at the Webster County Health Unit in Marshfield.


Book and Magazine Checkout

Students may check out up to 5 items at a time in the LMC. We have a great selection of fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, and magazines for our students to check out.

Students can not check out any library materials if they have overdue books, library fines, or ID fines.

Overdrive Media: Online eBooks and Audiobooks

Students also have the opportunity to download eBooks and audiobooks to their personal devices. Our Overdrive Media online library can be accessed anywhere and any time you have internet access. Downloading the free Overdrive Media Console app makes this easy for all users.

To view our online library visit and login using your lunch pin.

**We have MP3 players available for use in the classroom. If a student needs an audiobook we can download the book and check it out to the student.


Online Databases

We have the following research databases for students to use at school and at home. These are accessed by logging into the library system.

  • EBSCO: Science Reference Center and the Student Research Center.
  • Gale: Student Resources in Context and Science in Context
  • World Book Online

Learning Express Library

LearningExpress Library is a web-based learning solution that provides students with instant access to the most comprehensive collection of test preparation tools, skill-building materials, and career resources available. Over 1,000 online practice tests and interactive skill-building tutorials are available.

After students create an account they will be able to access the following resources anywhere they have internet access.

  • ACT prep and practice tests
  • GED prep and practice tests
  • AP prep and practice tests
  • Career information
  • Preparing for professional certification, licensing, and aptitude tests in a range of occupations: health care, civil service/government, law enforcement, firefighting, EMS, military, real estate, and more

Non-Fiction Books & Encyclopedias

Surprise! In addition to all of the online resources we also have books in our library that would benefit students when doing research projects. We have 7,300 non-fiction books in our library. If you have a specific subject you are studying we can pull a cart of books and have it ready for you when you come to the library.


Computer Labs

Computer labs are available for you to reserve for class use. To reserve a classroom click here. Each lab has a different capacity: 101 lab 30 computers, East lab 20 computers, 316 lab 26 computers, 406 lab 29 computers.


We have Chromebooks that are available for use any time the library is open. These computers are used on a first come, first served basis. Please do not send your entire class to the library unsupervised to use the Chromebooks, labs are available for classes.

Mac Stations

We have five Mac stations that students may use for audio, video, and photo editing. These computers are reserved for projects that may need to utilize Apple's Garage Band, iMovie, or Photo programs. Assistance will be provided by Mrs. Rost on how to use the Mac.

A/V Equipment

The library has digital cameras, video cameras, tripods, and microphones for students to use on multimedia projects.

Discovery Digital Media

Explore Discovery Education's digital content, interactive lessons, real time assessments, professional development and more. If you are looking to use an educational video in your classroom check out what Discovery Education has to offer.

You can access Discovery Education at


The library has popular full length movies available for students and teachers to check out. All movies are based on popular young adult books or are based on historical events, and nothing is rated above PG-13.

Other Things We Do


If a student has lost or forgotten his/her ID they may come to the library to purchase a replacement ID for $2.00. All ID fines will be handled through the library.


If you need items laminated please give us advance notice. Most items will be returned the next day.

Printer & Copy Machine

We are the home to the MHS Library Main New printer and we also have a copier. The copier can be used by students at no cost for small copy jobs. DO NOT send students to the library to make more than 10 copies.

Coffee, Cappuccino, and Snacks

The library sells coffee, cappuccino, and snacks before and after school. Students pay $1 per cup while staff pays 50 cents.

Website Editing & Social Media

If you have something that needs to be posted on the MHS website or social media please send to

Breakout Boxes

If you like breakout rooms then you will love using the Breakout EDU boxes in your classroom. There are 6 boxes available for you to check out.

Amazon Orders

If you order items from Amazon you will need to fill out a requisition to be approved. Once approved, the purchase order will be given to the library to order.