Local News Update

Dry Cleaning attack

Sae Young was robbed at her store at 2:00 pm at the dry cleaning store. To check and see what was happening.Until he walked into the dry cleaning place to stick a gun to her had and asked where the money,So she cooperated and gave him all the money.

After she gave him the money he kicked her in the cheekbone. Then after he left she picked up the phone and called the police. Then the detective ask did you get a good look at the robber.Then Sae young said no,so they asked the manger can we look at the cameras he said yes.So we looked and saw his on the the camera and we e search his house he was not there.So we checked airports to see if he trying to leave and we found him.We processed him into prison. His name is Jackson Curtis.

So since that day Sae young locked her self in her house without letting anybody in or out her house for 2 weeks without saying a word to anyone. But Jackson Curtis went in trial and lost and severed life in prison with parole and hang himself inside the cell.

Dear Abby

Taking Care of Oprhans

Dear Abby,

How do you take of a orphan? How do you make them fell comfortable.how do you make them fell at home? Do you keep them closer to you or let them losses.Do you ask them how there parents look like? Do you ask if they have any brothers or sisters or any grandparents that live close?

Should I let them talk to there family? Should I take them to see a consular to see if they still needs help. Should we let him live with grandparents or take him away from his family until he gets old

Dear Miss Edna,

letter 2

Dear Miss Edna,

How do you take care of orphans? Make them feel important. How do you make them comfortable? Ask them what they like to do? Do you keep them closer so they don't run. Yes keep cameras in your living room Do you ask how their parents are. No don't ask because it can lead to memory that are bad ?

Should I let them talk to their siblings.

Yes because you want them to be able to talk to their family to keep in touch with each other. Should we let them talk in person with there family? I suggest that they will be aloud to talk with there family in person? Yes because it might be the last time you see them.

Eight grade president

Slogan: Run for president

Capricorn Anderson [214 -412-124]

Mach 21

Miami,Florida 1290 Clyde Street

Vote for cap Anderson he will get us new parks and new gym lockers and etc.. he the best