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Week of April 23, 2018

How will you change the world by sharing & supporting your opinion?

Lesson Plans DUE

Monday, April 23rd, 8am

Bullock School

Chat & Chill PLC

Tuesday, April 24th, 3-4pm

Small Conference Room

  • We will be focusing on the "repeated reads" article from Reading Teacher Magazine. All are welcome to attend!

Power PD Session w/Mrs. Price

Wednesday, April 25th, 3-3:30pm

Rowan PDS Room

  • This will be our last session with the For a Better World text...everyone is invited!

Gr3 Team Meeting/PARCC Training

Thursday, April 19th, 3-4pm

Small Conference Room

  • All proctors & test administrators must attend.

CAST Meetings

Friday, April 27th, 9am-2pm

Small Conference Room

The Curriculum Corner Online

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News & Notes

Schoolwide Bus Drill: We are now required to hold bus evacuation drills with all students, not just the ones that ride the bus. Our drill will be on Monday, April 30th at 9:00 AM. I will be working out the details with transportation next week...stay tuned for updates!

Choir Concert/Rehearsal Updates:

  • 5/3 - 11:00 Choir Dress Rehearsal (choir students only)
  • 5/3 - 7:00PM Choir Concert

To the 3rd Grade Team: My coaching block is during your lunch block this week. Anyone want to review Strategies for Writers, co-teach a lesson or just "chat & chew" about this week's edition of the Curriculum Corner? If so, lets get it on the calendar!

You're the Best...Quotes from the Staff!

  • Thanks Marion, for patching me up last week!
  • Great job Science Fair Team!
  • Joan and Carol - you truly are a dynamic duo!
  • Budney…Thank you so much for being there for me this week. I love your friendship & our morning chats!
  • Sarah Lynn…There’s nothing like our FGT’s! LOL! Love ya!!
  • Puddie!!! We back!!!

Schoolwide Events

Community events/reminders are in bold.

  • 04/06: School Opens (Friday)
  • 04/12: Gr1 Team Meeting
  • 04/13: CAST Meetings
  • 04/19: Gr2 Team Meeting & Science Fair
  • 04/20: Star Student Luncheon
  • 04/24: Chat & Chill PLC
  • 04/26: Gr3 Team Meeting (PARCC Training)
  • 04/27: CAST Meetings
  • 05/01: PARCC Testing Begins

Happy Birthday!

  • Sandy Debes - 4/8
  • Carl Aird - 4/9
  • Carol Yaksta - 4/18
  • Amanda Brice - 4/24
  • Dorothy Nelson - 4/30
  • Joan Mannino - 4/29

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