8th Grade News

April 22, 2022

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Students are becoming very relaxed with the school rules about bringing food into the classrooms. Some of the food is from the cafeteria and some of it is brought from home.

The team is asking students not to bring anything but plain (not flavored) water into the classrooms. Students are bringing in energy drinks, Starbucks drinks, cans of soda and QT drinks among other things that have been brought into classrooms. The weather is getting warmer, students spill their drinks, and the ants have started coming in droves. This problem is exacerbated by the amount of food students eat in class.

Exceptions are made only for students with medical conditions.

We DO understand that 8th graders eat very late in the day. We don't want them to be hungry, but we want them to be responsible with their food and drinks. We will allow students to have a small snack during the first 10 minutes of 4th hour.

Please remind your student to pack a small snack for their 4th hour class if they are interested.

The end of the year is coming up FAST!

PLC day next Wednesday (April 27th)

Attendance over the next couple of weeks is VERY important.

Teachers are still working on important content as we move closer to MAP testing.

8th graders begin MAP testing on our last PLC day, May 11th and will run through the 13th.

Please support your student and keep them going strong through the end of the year.

They are almost HIGH SCHOOLERS! :)


8th Grade Math - Mrs. Borgmeyer

We are working on volume now. Students should be keeping up with their daily practice work. If they get behind, they need to get caught up as soon as possible. The school year is getting away from us so students need to make sure they don't get behind.

Last week we went through each question on the Systems of Equations test to help students correct anything they missed on the test. Students were given a "Test Corrections/Error Analysis Sheet" to complete as we worked through the process. In addition to working the problem correctly, students are required to figure out what they did wrong the first time. If students need help finding their mistakes, they need to ask for help. Students should be going over the original test and corrections to prepare for the re-take. We will offer a re-take in class this Friday. For students who want more time to prepare, they will have a chance to re-take late next week.

To be eligible to re-take the test, students need to complete the "Test Corrections/Error Analysis Sheet" and they must have all practice work from the unit completed in SIS.

Students will MAP test on May 11th.

Algebra/Geometry/Math - Mr. Cerutti

Geometry students have been working on surface area and volume formulas and will test on April 25th. End of Course Exams (EOCs) will be on May 16th and 17th. Remember, they will not take the Math portion of the MAP test, only the EOC for Math. They will take the other portions of the MAP test with their peers.

Algebra students have been working on quadratics and tested over that this week. End of Course Exams (EOCs) will be on May 16th and 17th. Remember, they will not take the Math portion of the MAP test, only the EOC for Math. They will take the other portions of the MAP test with their peers.

8th Grade Math (Cerutti) just finished working on surface area and volume and then did a small unit on irrational numbers. MAP testing for Math will be on May 11th for these 8th graders!

ELA - Mrs. Henderson

We are moving rapidly through our argumentative unit. Students have already started their research and writing process.

They are tracking their sources in a spreadsheet as well as putting the sites through a rigorous credibility check.

I am chunking the essay so the students are only working on one paragraph at a time.

Because of this, it is VERY important for everyone to keep up with the work. When we complete this process, all of these small assignments will be combined to make their essay. This is an assessment grade.

Students are given ample time in class to research and write.

Please double check with your student that they have completed:

- 3 reasons to support your thesis

- Introduction Paragraph

- Claim 1/Body Paragraph 2

Students are encouraged to come see me during FPC if they need help at any point during this unit.

Social Studies - Mrs. Marshall

We have covered Topics 5 and 6. We haven't really had a "true" unit since these two topics cover so much information! The kids have learned lots! For example, Jacksonian Democracy (Andrew Jackson's presidency), conflict with and treatment of Native Americans, westward expansion and Texas independence. My kids have also learned a little bit about each president....from George Washington to John Tyler. (HAVE THEM TELL YOU ONE FACT ABOUT WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON AND JOHN TYLER!) We will learn more about the presidents up through Abraham Lincoln. We are going to have a really quick study over the Mexican-American War and then we will move on to the Civil War. THE TOPIC 6 UNIT TEST WILL BE ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27. The students have been given a study guide for this test.

Wow! The Louisiana Purchase Group Projects were amazing! I really felt that the kids did a great job creating these while showing off some of their skills. The grades for this project were really good and significantly raised a lot of grades.

The President Project is currently underway! This project will be DUE on Friday, May 13. Students can turn this project in early if they wish. There is a rubric to guide them on the requirements.

All grades are current and up to date! I have encouraged the kids to finish strong!

Science - Ms. Gunther

Ecology has been the focus of study within science class recently. Students have been researching the characteristics of various biomes around the world and the organisms that cohabitate within them. Their research involves investigating the abiotic and biotic factors that exist within an environment; adaptations organisms have developed to survive within an environment, and creating food webs/chains representing the feeding relationships between species within a community.

Spanish - Mrs. Lackey

8th graders are working on talking about sports and activities that they like and dislike in Spanish. On Thursday, May 5th they will participate in their cultural food day. Please send in $3 if your child wants to participate.
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Physical Education - Coach Milne and Coach Baker


We are beginning our 4th Quarter Fitness Testing this week to follow up our Super Teams unit. We will use the scores that each student achieved throughout the year and compare them to the final tests, which will hopefully show steady improvements. We have a few of our outside units/activities that we're planning to get in over the next few weeks as well.

Robotics - Mrs. Morelock

PLTW - Robotics

Students are working on their drag race cars. We will be testing them on Wednesday! After these we will be working on an automated toll booth. The kids are starting to get really good at building and coding! I'm excited to see what they come up with next!

App Creators - Mrs. Delaney

PLTW App Creators:

Students are wrapping up their last app project this week. We will take some time to share apps and try them out before taking a quick quiz. To finish out the year, we will be studying some basic graphic design, and, if time permits, learning a bit about binary.

Choir - Mrs. Harris

SAVE THE DATES! Our Barry Choir Concert is on Tuesday, May 10 at 7:00pm. Students need to arrive at Platte County High School at 6:30pm wearing black and white.

We are looking forward to sharing all of the beautiful music students have been learning with you!

The Barry Cultural Fair is on Monday, May 16 from 5-7pm. The 5th graders will be performing "Songs From Around the World" at 6:00pm. All Barry Concert Choir and Honor Choir students have the option of singing their song, "Amavolovolo" at the end of the 5th Grade concert. If they want to participate in this concert they need to be in the Barry gym at the start of the concert at 6pm. The concert will conclude around 6:30pm. Students should wear nice attire for this performance. We would love to have everyone participate in this concert, however, it is optional. Please email Mrs. Harris with any questions you have.

Art - Mr. Elliott

8th grade students have been looking at the artist Kehinde Wiley and his reimagining of classical paintings. Students later will use their prior knowledge of painting using monochromatic colors and design a celebrity portrait. Portraits will be monochromatic and backgrounds will have patterns, similar to a Kehinde Wiley painting.

Student Recognition


4/4 - Selflessness

Selma Dzilic and Jaraias Rangel

4/11 - Patience

Ryan Moore and Olivia Drowns

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