First Grade Fellows

A Peek of our Week in First Grade!

Friday Wrap-Up (March 27th)

Contractions in Action!

This week, our fellows worked with contractions. We first learned the word, "contract," by defining the word in the dictionary. Then, we learned ways to contract two words to shorten them into one word. We acted as surgeons to perform two words in surgery - cutting the words and "sewing" them together with bandages.
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How Fast Can You Add?

Playing the game, Tenzi in a different way!

To freshen up our addition facts, we played the dice game, Tenzi in a bit of a different way. Students were paired up and whoever added all the dice to 12, 18, 24, 32 first won!

When do we use APOSTROPHES?

After learning about contractions, we learned how we can use apostrophes when showing possession (possessive nouns). We learned that when something belongs to someone, we use 's (apostrophe + s) on the noun to show possession.
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Spring Close Reading & Crafts!

Students practiced their close reading strategies reading about the season, spring. Then, students learned facts vs. opinion.

Then, they used their knowledge of facts vs. opinion as well as practiced their "text talker" skills to write the important facts they've learned from their reading.

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Dates to Remember

  • Spring Break will begin Monday, March 30th
  • School WILL NOT be in session on Monday, April 6th for Professional Training Day
  • School will resume Tuesday, April 7th
  • April 10th - Report Cards Issued & Formal Friday

Thank you and have a great spring break!!

See you all Tuesday, April 7th!

Ms. Oh