Psychology in the Kite Runner

by Casey Coyle


“sweet as sugar with the temperate of his father” (222)

“I miss Father and Mother too, and I miss Sasa and Rahim Khan. But sometimes I’m glad they’re not… they’re not here anymore. … Because I don’t want them to see me … I'm so dirty. I'm so dirty and full of sin” (p 318)

“I felt like a man up on a steep cliff… the room was swooping up and down and side to side.” (p 224)

“The signs had been there all along; they came flying back to me now” (p 224)

“they did things to me…” (p 318)

. "Bia, bia, my boy," the Talib said, calling Sohrab to him. Sohrab went to him, head down, stood between his thighs. The Talib wrapped his arms around the boy. "... His hands slid down the child's back, then up, felt under his armpits.” (p 290)

“Sohrab was sobbing” (p 292)

“Do you want to talk? Sohrab shook his head.” (p 300)

“I put my hand on his arm, gingerly, but he flinched” (p 306)