Eagle Update

November 16, 2015


  • Please make sure you have selected your 3 grade level planners and submitted them to Ashley by this Friday, November 20th. Let us know if you need help!
  • If you haven't had a chance to complete the Fall Staff Survey yet, please do so here. Fall Survey
  • Only 5 more days until Thanksgiving break! Woohoo!!

Upcoming Events

November 16 - 20 - College and Career Week

November 16

Extended Planning - 3rd Grade

November 17

Extended Planning - 4th Grade

November 18

Tier 3 Meetings

November 19

PTA Appreciation Pies

Extended Planning - 5th Grade

November 20

Last day before break! Please make sure everything in your room is unplugged before you leave, and refrigerators are emptied. Thank you!

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Bright Spots

Make sure you focus on communicating clearly. Clarity while communicating contributes to success and better teamwork. :)
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