Recycle and Reuse ♻️

By: Jenna D.

Recycle and Reuse!

Recycling and reusing is a good thing to do in a neighborhood/society near you. Recycle means to convert waste into reusable material. Reuse means to use more than once.

Recycling in the kitchen!

Recycling in the kitchen is important. It helps you get rid of things that you don't want/need.

Reusing in the kitchen!

To reuse things in the kitchen you have to sanitize properly. Here is a real life example, in my household we have reusable trash bags. We put our plastics and cardboard in it to take to the trash place. We clean and reuse it so we don't cross contaminate the germs from the left over stuff.

Some other things to recycle💡

You also can recycle things like light, water, heat, and air. By doing this it can help you keep your bill lower and save more energy for other people to use.