Terrorism Awareness Project

By: Shane Matters

Terrorism Information

The terrorist group ISIS is killing people out of pure spite and forcing people of different religions to either transfer to their religion or die . They have attacked thousands and thousands of peaceful people in peaceful countries because they don't have the same beliefs as they do. Carper stated that virtual soldiers that may not be on the battlefield are calling on people to join their cause.


It is a problem in our world because they are nearly unstoppable thus far because of their attacks on multiple countries and killing uncountable people. Carper had also said that despite the heavy losses the number of people flowing into ISIS controlled regions each month keeps their numbers high.

Awareness Idea

One idea to raise awareness is to post reasons why people should not join ISIS' cause for total domination. They will fail at some point in the future since though they are nearly unstoppable now they won't be once they get outnumbered by other countries joining together to stop their terror streak. Carper quoted that we all have a role to play with this problem and if anything seems suspicious that we should report it.


Credibility- Tom Carper from the Congressional Testimony

Accuracy- The facts are consistent throughout and focused on why ISIS must be stopped.

Reliability- The purpose of the article is to inform us on why ISIS must be stopped and what we can do to support our cause to stop the problem.

Relevance- The source does provide me with effective information about what ISIS is doing.

Date- 1/20/16

Sources- The article uses information from other sources under topics of history from the U.S. and other places.

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