Mme Meyerman - 3e année

Ecole Publique Rideau Public School

Finally Spring???

It has been a long time coming but it looks as though spring may have finally arrived. The students and I are all so excited to have recesses with no snowpants, boots and coats! Our yard is a muddy mess at this time of year so I would like to suggest that students bring extra socks and, for our more active kids, pants to school. We will only call home if the situation is unmanageable so extra clothes will help the students through their day in case of a puddle or mud incident! Hopefully some of the yard renovations that are in the works will improve the situation for next year. Check out some of the plans on the school’s website. Consultation continues but we hope to get started soon!

March was a shortened month due to the break but we got lots accomplished regardless. Highlights included a drama workshop with Normand Dupont followed by the Dada play at the Octave, skating at Victoria Park and learning to weave with yarn.

How can you help?

Thank you to the parents who came out for skating and the play. Your help is always appreciated! We will have a couple more outings. Our end-of-year trip is soon to be decided. I will give you details when we have them. Given other years, I expect it will cost in the range of $40-50 per child. I hope that letting families know in advance will help you budget for this expense.

Please continue to check and sign your child’s agenda. Reading logs and math fact practice sheets are also a great way to support your child’s learning and skills.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have questions or concerns.

Important Dates

Good Friday, no school

April 3

Easter Monday, no school

April 6

Gould Lake

April 16

Earth Day

April 22

Bayridge Road Race

May 1

Music Monday Recital

May 4

The Curriculum Corner

Math: In math we will soon be wrapping up fractions and starting with 3D geometry and transformations.

French: We continue to work on writing complete paragraphs, cursive writing and independent reading. The students have also loved our read-aloud of “Le Petit Nicolas”. We have watched some episodes of the French cartoon series as well and I have been impressed at their increased ability to understand the dialog.

Science: We are wrapping up ur unit on structures. Students learned what makes a strong and stable structure and studied famous structures around the world.

Social Studies: We will begin our unit on Early Canada (Aboriginals and Pioneers) in April.

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