Weekly Note

March 16th-20th

He's after me lucky charms!

On Tuesday, March 17th, students presented their leprechaun traps that they designed on their own and constructed. Students shared what their trap was made out of and how it would work! We then displayed all of our traps around the room for the day hoping to catch at least one leprechaun! We then moved into the gym for our St. Patrick's Day Dance and had a blast winning prizes and dancing the day away as we "climbed mountains", "made snowmen", and "flew kites" during our dance moves! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sailing away with STEM..

This week in STEM, students planned their first sail design by creating a list of the materials they wanted to use and drawing a diagram. Students then made their first sail design. Students then tested their sail on our air track that is propelled by wind from a fan. As the sail on the raft glides across the air track, there is a measuring tape on the floor to measure the distance it has traveled! Several of the sails moved the raft several inches!! We then talked about the materials that seemed to work and how we should construct our sails! We then created our second sail design, which we will test on Monday!

Content Area Learning

This week in Language Arts, students worked hard on their third week of word study! This week our word study words focused on the "ug" family as well as several sight words. Students completed three activities in their word study journals, a word sort, a word search, and a box match activity! Our concept story this week was "Animal Adventures." Students learned that animals explore our world in all different kinds of ways including digging, climbing, flying, and swimming! Students were then introduced to our big book of the week "One Little Mouse." Students learned five new sight words: one, two, three, four, and five! We also practiced the skill of sequencing! Our big book also came with several new amazing words, but students explored and investigated the words "nest" and "comfortable" for their vocabulary folder! We also had reading groups! In Math, we completed two very short chapters this week! Students reviewed the concepts of sorting by size, shape, and number as well as the concept of position (above, below, next to, behind)! Students did an awesome job for this in preparation for our next chapter on two dimensional shapes!