Healthy Holiday Tips

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  • Enjoy your family and friends back home; they can make your holidays much. much more enjoyable.
  • Get out and do things. Don’t stay cooped up by yourself--it’s an easily way to feel lazy or depressed.


  • Plan ahead so you have enough time to study for finals or complete end-of-the-year projects. Even if it means missing out on Black Ops II for a few days, you’ll thank yourself later.
  • Don’t stay up all night cramming for exams! It’s likely that you won’t retain the information anyway, and because you are lacking sleep it will be harder to recall the information you do know during the test.
  • Do take breaks if you need them; if you can’t concentrate, you won’t produce quality work anyways. But don’t spend a lot of time if you don’t have it, use appropriate length breaks.


  • Try to eat reasonably sized meals. Even though it is tempting to binge on Mom’s cooking, savor its flavor through smaller portions.
  • Although they are delicious, eat sweets in moderation. The holiday season presents many opportunities for dessert, just try to eat sweets as a smaller part of a balanced meal.
  • This may seem intuitive, but remember to get enough sleep over breaks. Sometimes we’re so excited we forget to catch up on sleep while on break.


  • Giving gifts in one way to show love or appreciation. While giving is a good thing, we should be careful to not get caught up in the corporate holiday spirit of buying excessively or beyond your means.
  • If you are flying home, tickets can be expensive! Plan ahead or use a cost saving website like Priceline or Momondo to save on holiday trips. Don’t let price dictate your ability to visit those you care about.