Happy Holidays

Get Ready to Blitz!

Don't Be a Grinch!

...join the booking blitz to get more December shows, and turn Nos..into shows (for January)! You can win one of my favorite things (1 of 5 Secret Santa gifts!...gift cards to Starbucks, Staples, Target, Ulta, or Tory Burch)

Beginning tomorrow (Wednesday, December 4th) through Sunday, December 8th there will be a daily giveaway. We'll start a fresh thread everyday on our Polka Dots Team FB Page (if you're not already a member friend me on FB and then message me you want to join).

The first day we will begin the thread with anything you already have on the calendar for December and January... each show will get one entry. The Booking Blitz will also begin so any new shows you add tomorrow you can comment on the thread to get extra entries. Just list the show dates in your post.

At the end of the day we will close that days drawing and draw a winner. Each gift card will have a number assigned to it. The winner will get to pick a number 1-5 to pick from Santa's grab bag and the gift card that matches the number of the winner's choice will then be revealed.

Here's Danielle Redner (the Grinch below) our VP of Training, getting ready to LEAD YOU into a killer December and it all starts with booking a trunk show!

Have a full time job and can't call in? That's ok! Email me, s_shuping@hotmail.com when you are doing your own blitz! If you're blitzing this week...you can get entered to win!

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen. Comet, Cupid, Donner and BLITZEN

Stella & Dot Booking Blitz


Wednesday, Dec. 4th


This is an online event.


12pmPT/ 2pmCT/ 3pmET

How do I Blitz?? What is a booking Blitz??

You're ready for a few more shows? It's easy- here's what you can do NOW!

1. Prepare a list of who you'd like to call and book with.

  • all your November guests
  • a past season's hostess
  • your top customers
  • friends you know that would love some free credit for gifts
  • people that love a deal (dot dollars)
  • family, especially if traveling
  • people with wishlists
  • those "who do I WANT to know" people

2. Warm them up now!

a SHORT, SWEET message- not about booking, about EXCITEMENT!

  • Send them the new Dot Dollars video in an email with a short, sweet message- Check out the awesome promo for December! Your friends would flip! (attach the video)
  • Ask how they are loving their items? "Hey Sarah, Just wanted to see how you're loving the Zoe lariat from Maya's trunk show. Have you worn it yet? I love wearing it with jeans! Can't wait to hear about it! I'll call you soon to make sure you're loving your stuff!"
  • Thank your November customers if you haven't already. Send a quick short followup.
  • Text some cute images out (I steal them from our website) of the style shots. Ask what they think of the look.

If they just ordered from you...that IS the warm up...you can just give them a call during the blitz to see how they are liking their jewelry...and "oh, by, the way, did you know I could come do a show for YOU and YOUR friends and you could get free jewelry as they shop for holiday gifts? What do you think?"


Don't have much time? Just go to your last trunk shows in the lounge and pull customers who ordered!

My Trunk Shows---> Recent---> Jane's Trunk Show--->Actions green button--->View trunk show customers.
VOILA! There's your list to call!

How do I enter to win a prize??

1. BEFORE or DURING email me your list of people that you'll be calling during the blitz (you've already got the list ready- so just shoot it my way)

2. AFTER post your results on the daily fb thread. GOOD BAD UGLY.

I blitzed my brains out from 12-1 and I talked to XX people. I left XX messages. I booked XX shows. I'm following up by XXXX. xo Sally Stylist

A winner will be chosen every day for 5 days!


As Always

Let me know how I can help you!