Cyber Saftey

Staying safe online.

Creating a strong password

To have a strong password you must:

-Make it long above 6 characters, no more that 25 (unless you know you will ALWAYS remeber)

-Have a range of upper and lowercase letters.

-Add numbers and symbols (if allowed)

-Make it personal to you.


Secure Wireless

To make your WiFi safe:

- Have a password

- Don't tell anyone

- Don't make the password too obvious (e.g. your name, postcode, address, the word 'password')

Saftey on social network sites

How to stay safe on social networking sites:

- Have a strong and safe password (look above)

- Make sure your privacy settings are on private

- Don't add/accept people you don't know

- Never accept invitations to things you don't know

- Don't go on webcam with sstrangers

- Never reveal information to people you do not know which could make you unsafe at any point (address, full name, age, D.O.B etc. )

- If you recieve anything unusual don't ignore it, tell someone who can sort it out

- Never send out images you wouldn't wan't anybody else to see (family, teachers etc.)

Mobile saftey

how to stay safe on your mobile:

- Never leave your bluetooth on

- make sure your phone and bluetooth is secure with a password

- Never leave unattended

- If possible, download an antivirus software just incase.