Monday Morning Motivation

September 7, 2015

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Fair Versus Equal

During our Leadership Team meeting last week we discussed the behavior incentives for the 2015/16 school year. As the discussion progressed, the conversation turned to one of fair versus equal. For a moment I longed for our entire team to be in the room because the conversation was rich with passion, emotion and determination. During the discussion, it became very clear that this team believes that fair means everyone getting what they need to be successful. That does not mean things are always equal. Our students vary in learning styles, experiences, cognitive levels, and maturity. it is our job to make sure we fill in where the gaps exist so that our students soar to meet their full potential. I am very proud of the conversation around this topic. it truly shows our heart for kids! I encourage you to reflect on the graphic below. How does this apply to your classroom and our school?


Which is Fair and Which is Equal?

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Math PLC Meets This Week!

Meeting will be held Friday, September 11 from 2:00-3:00 in the library. We will discuss the focus of the meetings and develop a list of common vocabulary words that will become a resource for parents and that are consistent across grade levels. Please bring a list of grade level vocab words that you feel we need to discuss. Chromebooks will be available to access lesson plans. Classes will be covered as follows:
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Jennifer Park

Congratulations to Mrs. Jennifer Park who was recently appointed by President Pro Tempore Jonathan Dismang to serve on the Arkansas Commission on Eye and Vision Care of School Age Children. Please join CES in congratulating Mrs. Park on this honor. She will be a positive voice for not only the children of Carlisle, but ALL children in the state of Arkansas. Way to go Mrs. Park!!

Alice Page

Alice Page recently entered our school in the Imagination Playground Contest and as a result we won a mini Imagination playground!! This is an exciting time as we are preparing to renovate and update our current playground. Check out the Imagination Playground website here. Thank you Ms. Page for entering CES in this contest!

CES Student Ambassadors

The CES Student Ambassador program allows students to develop their leadership skills while participating in service projects around the campus. This opportunity is open to all 5th and 6th graders through an application process. The applications have been reviewed and 12 students were chosen for the program. Congratulations to the following students!!

CES 2015/16 Student Ambassadors

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Professional Growth Plans

  • It's time to start on PGP's in Bloomboard. All certified staff need to log in to Bloomboard and set up your goal(s) and PGP. To get to your PGP, you have to first click on a sticky note. Then you complete the strengths and weaknesses notecards. From there it will take you to the PGP questions. Remember that you only do the questions that say TESS. Do not complete the questions that say LEADS (that's the admin. PGP). Your goals from last year will still show up, but you'll have the option to archive them once you're in. If you've finished a goal, then archive it. If you'd like to continue it, then just complete the information and it will stay there.
  • Remember that everyone will receive a rating in TESS, not just those with formal observations. If you're not on a formal track, you will be rated on your PGP. Please keep that in mind when you're writing your goal(s) and choose goals that cover multiple components in Domains 2 and or 3.
  • I will set up PGP meetings with you for the next few weeks. You'll receive an email with the date and time, and your PGP will need to be completed by then so we can discuss it.
  • We will discuss the school wide goal during the PGP meeting.
  • If you are having problems with the PGP or have questions, please get with Mr. Stewart or Mrs Scroggins. They can provide technical assistance!

Dates to Remember

September 7-11, 2015

Monday 9/7

Labor Day Holiday - No School

  • #celebratemonday

Tuesday 9/8

  • Staff Gathering in the cafeteria @ 3:40 pm. Agenda here.

Wednesday 9/9

  • K, 1, 2 Teams meet during planning times

Thursday 9/10

  • 3, 4, ,5 ,6 Teams meet during planning times
  • #connectedteachers chat 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Friday 9/11

  • Math PLC Meeting

Joke of the Week Comes From Brody....

A farmer rode into the woods on Friday. He stayed for three days and returned on Friday.

How did this happen?

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