By: Cameron Tremayne


Germany is a country in Europe. It has fairly moderate temperature and is allienced with many country's let me tell you some more now

Geography, Weather, and Travel.


The type of government in Germany is Federal Republic. It is a limited government and all the laws are made by the parliament. Their president is Joachim Gauck. Germany is currently in no wars. Germany is very similar in many ways one being they both elect presidents. Germany is part of the United Nations and is part of NATO. It is allied with many country's like France and the United Kingdom.


The Euro is the currency used in Germany. It is equal to 1.09 US Dollars. The main thing that is exported out of Germany is vehicles. Germany's GDP per capita is 46,268.64 US Dollars.
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Education and Ethnic Groups

91.5% of Germany's ethnicity is obviously German. There education starts at age 6 in elementary school for 4 years. Secondary school is started at age 11. Secondary school only goes to grade 10. Germany's literacy rate is 99.8%

Religion and Language

Germany's religion is very spread out 34% are Protestant 34% are Roman Catholic and 28% is other. The main language is German. The country's flag is red, black, and gold. These colors are the colors of the coat-of-arms of the Holy Roman Empire. The flag was first adopted in 1848 by the German Feudal State was first in power.
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Traditional Holidays, Festivals, Food, and Clothing.

A very popular German holiday is boxing day. They also have festivals that are considered holidays like the Peace Festival. A very popular food in Germany is the sauerkraut which is almost like a potato salad with sausage. Some popular men clothing are lederhosens.
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Germany is a fairly rich and populated country. It's population density per square mile is 235. It's GDP per capita is $46,268.64. The main ethnicity is German. The main religion is Protestant and Roman Catholic. Finally the main religion is German. Thank you for reading goodbye.