AIDs in Africa


AIDS in Africa has been a growing problem. Men are passing it on to there wives. Mothers are passing on AIDS to there children. They are sharing needles, getting sick and they don't even know it. AIDS is a disease that attacks your immune system and makes it so your body can't fight infection. AIDs can go undetected for many years. AIDs needs to be stopped.

Africare works to improve the quality of life of the people in Africa.

Africare was founded by Africans and Americans during the Sahelian drought of the early 1970s. Africare does so many things to help Africa. Africare goes into the community and talks to woman and teach them about how to protect and prevent form AIDS. Africare will also give treatment to people with AIDS. Africare will go out and give condoms to men. Those are just few things Africare will do to help.


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Getting Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with Africare. One of the ways you can get involved is to volunteer. You can only volunteer if you live in Washington D.C. Africare does not do volunteering form Africa. Another way you can volunteer is to donate. You can donate every month, or just once. Those are ways you can get involved.
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Africare Partners with Coca-Cola to help People living with HIV/AIDS