Stingrays Organizational Meeting

We Need You to Have a Successful Season!

Join us as we create the Stingrays parent organization!

In the previous years, the Stingrays had been a county supported team. As of last year, the Stingrays became a parent supported team. Scarlet and Jennifer have done a fabulous job managing the team in years past, but they have stepped down. In order to keep the Stingrays running smoothly, an organizational structure needs to be put in place. That's where you come into play!

At the meeting, issues to be discussed:

  • what tasks get done on an ongoing basis (weekly and daily)
  • how to divide tasks
  • how the team money will be accounted for and used
  • other issues parents may have

All interested parents are invited to join us and contribute their strengths to the organization.

Stingrays Organizational Meeting

Tuesday, Aug 21st, 7-8pm

6600 Service Rd

Yadkinville, NC

Please note, the Yadkin County Pool will not be open for swimming!


7:00....Introduce attendees; lay groundwork for meeting

7:10....Address tasks to be done; create organization chart

7:45....Other parent issues


Questions? Please contact:

Becky Beamguard @ 336.469.0024 or 336.468.2206

Ann Marie Fowler @ 336.699.2636 or 336.971.5518