The three blind mice buglers

Guilty or innocent?

*Sirens wailing* "Scuttle as fast as you can!" We had been caught stealing cheese at a fine dining cheese restaurant. The three of us mice were scurrying as fast as our little feet could take us, too late. We were surrounded so we had to give in and get arrested for our crime. As soon as we got in our cell we pleaded for bail so we could go home temporarily to our mice families. We only committed a misdemeanor so hopefully we won’t go to prison for more than a year. We were soon ordered an arraignment and went before the grand jury to see what the verdict would be. We were assigned a public defender since we were too poor to afford a real attorney. Our defender advised us to just be truthful and not to perjury before the court and also to plea bargain since we had no witness. The judge yelled “Defendant stand.” So we all stood and awaited our prosecution. We thought of making an appeal but our case was too unjust. So in the end the three blind mice got convicted for a month or two in jail for stealing some cheese.