Renaissance Inventers

An age of discovery


During the renaissance many advancements were made an the field of lens making. Eye glasses were created in the 1200's. The lenses in eye glasses were then used for early microscopes and telescopes made by people like Roger bacon and John Dollond.

Gunpowder and Artilery

Gun powder although it was referred to as black powder in 1040 when it was invented in china for weaponry and fireworks. Later it was used by William Congreve to make rockets in Europe. Gunpowder revolutionized warfare used in cannons in wars all over Europe and asia.

Mechanisms of today in the past

During this period the first mechanized Clock invented by Filippo Brunellesci in 1410. Or the movable type invented my Johann Gutenberg which helped educate Europe and helped to spread the ideas of the renaissance.


The submarine was invented by Cornelius van Drebbel but blueprints for a submarine had been written by Leonardo da Vinci over one hundred years before him. Also the flush toilet was made not by Thomas Crapper but by John Harrington for Queen Elisabeth I. But that toilet was only flushed once or twice a day not nearly as much as our toilets we have today.