The Longmore Learners

Week of December 4, 2015

Hour of Code

We are going to participate in an activity on Monday called the Hour of Code. It is being brought to us by the site, It is also the site I use for the Coding Club that I sponsor. So, during Math time on Monday, we will participate in the hour of code. There are many different options for students to do (and some have been working on code during Intervention Time), but some popular activities are Minecraft, Frozen and Star Wars. Wish us luck, and make sure you ask your student about how it successful it was.

This Week In Math

We will finish Topic 8 this week, with the test on Friday. We finally got to the expanded algorithm. At this point with standard algorithm, it is a matter of practice, practice, practice (assuming they are doing the right steps).

Please continue to work with your student with their multiplication facts. The students that do not know their multiplication facts have the most difficulties understanding these new multiplication concepts.

This Week In ELA

As you know, our history lessons are embedded in our ELA curriculum. We moved away from the read aloud, and we are working on some history with some extra texts. I will work a little out of our history texts. We will be talking about the Pony Express, Transcontinental Railroad, and Early Settlements this week. I hope to bring in some cooperative learning with each topic. We focus on Primary and Secondary source as well as perspective.

We are on a role with our writing. This week is what we will be working on:
Monday - Conclusion
Tuesday - Transitions
Wednesday - Revise
Thursday - Revise
Friday - Editing

There are quite a few students who are not on schedule with us, and there are others that are ahead. I will try to meet with students this week during small reading group time to discuss organization and make sure they are on the right track. I will get some items planned for those students who are rolling and completed.

Small Reading Groups

We are done with the reading of our books. I am struggling with whether to start new books with students, or to work on this small group time to really focus in on our writing, meeting with small groups for that. I will keep you posted.

Spelling Week 13

Silent letters, mn, mb, wr, gn

mn and mb are consonant teams for the sound of M wr- is a letter team for the sound of R and occurs only at the beginning of the word


Weekly Calendar

Week of Giving - bring in an item for the tree in the front lobby to help the Crisis Nursery during this week.

Monday, December 4
Day 2
Writing: Your student should be complete with three main paragraphs and an introduction. We will work on the conclusion today.

Tuesday, December 5
Day 3
Writing: we will work on adding transitions to make our writing flow smoothly.

Wednesday, December 6
Day 1
Math Practice 8-4
Writing: we will work on revising our work

Thursday, December 7
Day 2
Math Practice 8-5 due today
Review for Topic 8 test
Writing: We will work on revising our work

Friday, December 8

Day 3
Math Topic Test
Writing: Editing day
Dictation Sentences today
Mentor Sentences - Invitation to Edit
Update Data Binders

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