Rome's Local News Update

By: Megan M.

Interview with Hadrian


Hadrian what are some plans for your ruling?


Well I am planning to be building a wall called “Hadrian’s Wall”


And with the wall that you are building what is the meaning of it?


It is going to help people with transportation.


Are you planning to expand anything or try to rule more of the Empire?


No not right now, but I do want to travel more because I’m a big fan of traveling.


Have you built anything besides Hadrian’s Wall?


Yes I have, but Hadrian's Wall is the biggest and best accomplishment

You: Thank you for coming and that is all the questions we have for you.

Anglo-Saxons wanting to strike back again!

Watch out citizens of Rome because the Anglo-Saxons are wanting to strike back again! For that reason I think that we should all have a meeting sometime soon to do this so we can discuss more. If they do strike back I don't think that too much damage will be done. Don’t forget to keep safe and protected. We are selling half priced weapons at your local antique store. Please we highly suggest to read the next couple of papers and we will try our best to keep all of you updated.

Rome's major accomplishment

Have you ever wanted to know what is one of Rome’s major accomplishments? Well I bet you have and this is the article for YOU! I would say that for me I think one of Rome’s major accomplishments is the Twelve Tables! They wrote down the basic laws on twelve plates of bronze, and called them the Twelve Tables. These were the first example of written law!

New building project

The builders of Rome have got the government to say yes on this building project, so we can build Aqueducts! If you don’t know what Aqueducts are here is the description/definition. These are sometime massive structures with single, double, or triple tier of arches. These are designed to carry fresh water to Urban centres from sources sometimes kilometers away. So be ready because the Aqueducts are ready to be built!

Christianity letter for freedom!

Dear newspaper editor,

I know there will be a paper coming out and I was wondering if you could put this in there.

I am a Christian and I struggle to be one just like all of the other Christians do. So therefore, I think that the Christians should get to have rules that are NOT strict! Also that we should get more freedom to more things. If you all are wondering yes I have Christians that agree with me so this is why I got to have this in the paper. Thank you.

Want to go to Egypt? Here is your chance to!

Have you ever wanted to go to Egypt? Well here is your chance! You could win and go to Egypt for 4 days 3 nights stay! Isn't that a life time dream? We will also include a all day private tour all around Egypt! You will also get to try all different food like their wheat and barley made into their famous bread, porridge, soup, and so much more! Don’t forget about riding on our camels while going around looking at all the pyramids. So don’t forget this destination is calling YOUR name!

Mount Vesuvius View

You could go to see Mount Vesuvius and its beautiful over look. This is a once in a lifetime chance! Why I said that is because Mount Vesuvius is volcanic. So in other words that means it could erupt. You might have heard that their eruptions could devastate Roman towns and that is true, but we have so many people that take the risk to see the amazing view and sight that you could see!

Vote Caesarion for Senator

Caesarion is running for Senator and he is the son of Julius Caesar. He was a king in 44 Bc and people said he was a great king. Wouldn’t you want him to be your Senator because I sure do. So in order for this to happen we need YOUR vote to make Caesarion for Senator.

Julius Caesar's Obituary

100 BC-44 BC

Julius was a great guy and general. He had 3 children, Augustus, Caesarion, and Julia Caesarius. He played a critical role in things that led into the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. He was born and assassinated in Rome, Italy. He was the son of Julius Caesar and Aurelia Cotta. One of his most famous quotes was It is better to create than learn! Creating is the essence of life.

Plebeians Opinion

Hello I’m a fellow Plebian, we Plebeians are common people. This is in the paper because Plebeians are wanting to demand more rights for us instead of the Patricians always getting what they want! Like I said earlier in this, we are common people they are wealthy people! We are craftsmen, farmers, traders, and artisans, they are landholders. We are the majority of the population, they are a small minority of it. We have NO role in the government!! More than half of the citizens are Plebeians!!! The Patricians control the government! So as a fellow and loyal Plebeian I say we need to be treated better and to have better things!