Falcon Frenzy

February 5, 2016 v. 3 issue 23

ESSA and Missouri

Every Student Succeeds Act or ESSA, has provided options for states wishing to make changes to how they measure student progress. As educators we value a process that will engage the people closest to the students and who understand how students learn.

· Dr. Vandeven, Missouri Commissioner of Education hopes to explore the use of state pilot programs highlighted in the new act. “We are interested in learning more about state pilots researching innovative new methods of measuring student progress from year to year. We are also exploring the possible use of multiple assessments to generate a summative score of student achievement,” she said.

· Major shifts in education policy are NOT expected at the state level as a result of ESSA. Missouri plans to work with local stakeholders using the Missouri Model Educator Evaluation System and the Missouri Principles of Effective Evaluation to determine how educators should be evaluated and supported in their development each year. SPS has transitioned to the new teacher evaluation model this school year.

Proposed changes to BOE Policy JECA-Admission of Students

Retaining and recruiting highly qualified employees is a strategy that directly supports one of Springfield Public Schools’ strategic focus areas. A proposed policy change being considered by the Springfield school board would help SPS in those recruitment and retention efforts.

During its study session Feb. 2, the school board discussed revising Policy JECA: Admission of Students to allow SPS employees who live outside the SPS attendance area to request a transfer for their children to attend an SPS school at no cost.

If approved, the following conditions would apply:

  • Any full-time SPS employee eligible to participate in the district’s health plan could request a transfer for their child.
  • The student’s transfer could be revoked in cases of poor discipline, attendance or citizenship, or when the parent’s employment ends.
  • The parent must transport the student.

This change would enable SPS to provide high quality learning experiences to more students while also offering a benefit to its employees without any significant fiscal impact.

The school board is scheduled to vote on the policy change at its Feb. 16 regular meeting. If you would like to view the BOE discussion of this policy click here. The discussion is about 45 minutes into the study session.

Master Calendar

February 8: Progress reports disseminated

February 8: Blended Learning Mentor Classroom Kick Off Day!

February 8: Innovation team training (morning)

February 9: Pops Concert, auditorium, 7AM

February 11: Parent-Teacher Conference Night

February 11: GPS for incoming Freshmen

February 12-13: Speech & Debate in Joplin

Canvas Help

Many have expressed some trepidation regarding Canvas as we move forward with our IGNiTE initiative. You have access to step-by-step instructional videos through the Glass Classroom. Log in to Canvas and go to your Glass Classroom course. You will see a button dedicated to "Tech Tools". Instructions/videos on how to set up your Canvas pages can be found. I hope this resource will help alleviate your concerns. We will be dedicating some of our PL time to Canvas set up as well but these instructional videos are awesome. Click HERE to go to Canvas Tech Tools now.

Attendance Summary

Average Daily Attendance: 94.98%

Students with 90% attendance or higher: 80.93%

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