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Holiday Spain: Madrid

If you're looking for a short city break in Spain, which gives you the authentic feel of the country, its history and traditions combined with fun, relaxation and some excitement, head for Madrid. As the country's vibrant capital, this is a place that has re-invented itself over the centuries and is today a city that has something for every visitor.

Madrid is ideal for a quick weekend getaway or a longer stay, but if you're short of time, there are some things you simply must do and see here. This cosmopolitan city is the seat of the government, a business hub and cultural center of Spain. Other attractions include the Real Madrid football museum.

Art and Culture: The Prado Museum has the biggest art collection in Europe. Ranging from medieval masters to contemporary geniuses, you can get your fill of sculpture, painting, prints or sketches. The museum has a wonderful gift-shop and hosts a number of exhibitions/cultural events too. There are scores of smaller museums here, if you have the time to take a tour. The National Library of Spain is another magnificent building that contains some rare books and manuscripts. Madrid also hosts a plethora of music concerts, art events etc with a grand celebration in May in honor of its patron saint San Isidoro. There are lots of palaces and stately mansions, churches and monuments too.

Night-life: This lively city boasts an exciting night-life, with any number of bars, pubs, clubs, discos, tapas bars, flamenco, etc. Just remember that drinking on the street is not legal here.

Shopping: Spain's biggest mall, Xanadu, is located in Madrid. With nearly 150,000 sq m of space and more than 200 shops, you'll be sure to find exactly what you want. Look for off-season sales at the designer labels. The El Rastro, Spain's biggest open-air flea market is a must-do visit.

Cuisine and Wine: With a bewildering range of food and wine to choose from, Madrid is the foodie's delight! From fast-food to tapas, to local delicacies, regional cuisines, international favorites and specialty restaurants, cafes and tiny eateries, this is where you can truly indulge your taste-buds. Apart from the famous paella, Madrid has its own signature dish – Callos a la Madrilena.

Parks and Gardens: If you have an hour or two to spare, don't forget to visit Madrid's legendary parks and gardens. The Buen Retiro is the city's biggest park, built round a huge lake, and it's filled with charming sculpture, walks and is a wonderful lung space in the heart of the city.

Pick Madrid for that unforgettable city-holiday in Spain!

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Costa Brava House: Rental Tips for First-time Tenants

The “Wild Coast” or Costa Brava is one of the most scenic, dramatic and beautiful coastlines in the world and since the 1950s it has been developed as a tourist hub for visitors from all over the globe. This stretch has the largest number of Blue Flag beaches, with the highest standards in hygiene, features, water and sand quality and facilities for tourists. The spectacular scenery, dominated by the wild Spanish Pyrenees sweeping down to the gorgeous turquoise Mediterranean Sea, this coastline is indeed an unforgettable experience.

With such a huge influx of tourists all the year round, Costa Brava has stepped up to the challenge of accommodation with a wide range of housing options. Current trends are more towards house rental rather than the conventional hotel or resort. This option gives much more flexibility and since costs and chores can be shared, many tourists prefer this. The houses in Cosa Brava include villas, apartments, condos, country farm-houses, estates, paradores, youth hostels, mountain-shelters and castles, monasteries and convents, town-houses and aristocratic mansions, beach-front cottages, fishermen's shacks and row houses abound all along this coastline. Up in the mountains, you get typical montane type architecture, where the traditional way of life still survives and many of these dwellings are centered round winter-sports and activities.

However, if you're a first-time renter, it's good to keep some tips in mind.

Choices: Shortlist a good number of likely properties and then eliminate them one by one based on your needs and preferences. Once you've finalized, you can start communicating with the owner and get a firm idea of what it really looks like. Ask for recent photos and testimonials.

Trustworthy: If you've located your Costa Brava house over the Internet or via a brochure, it's good to confirm that this is indeed a reliable source of information. It's essential to go through a trustworthy organization that has affiliations with travel and tourism associations. Word of mouth is another great source. Sometimes, these ads could be fake, or have been hacked by identity thieves or phishing crooks. Never send any money till you are convinced that this is a genuine outfit.

Payments: Never pay cash or make money transfers to addresses provided by the home-owner. Paying by credit-cards is preferable if the portal is a safe one. This also ensures that you get redress if there are any issues with the property later.

Add-ons: Rentals may also come as package deals with flights, airport transfers, car rentals etc. You can opt for self-catering or request for staff. This could be either the entire complement, including butler, chef, chauffeur, maids, cleaning-staff, ground-staff etc. or it could be one or more of them. In either case, remember to budget for tipping at the end of your stay.

Based on these guidelines, you can pick the most appropriate house in Costa Brava and enjoy the perfect holiday.

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Villa Rentals in L’Escala

L’Escala is a Catalan fishing town in Costa Brava. A short drive from the Girona international airport, L’Escala is a popular beach holiday destination in Spain. An ideal seaside resort for budget holiday, this beautiful Costa Brava town offers a variety of holiday homes. Location villas en Escala are luxurious and affordable.

Located on the southern fringe of Bay of Roses, L’Escala is home to some of the finest beaches of Costa Brava. During the summer months, sun worshippers from all over Europe gather on the idyllic beaches of the small fishing town to bask in the Mediterranean sunshine.

Location Villas Escala

L’Escala offers a wide range of holiday homes. The holiday villa rentals in the town vary according to available facilities and season. The average rent of vacation properties in L’Escala is between 300 to 600 euros per week. However, to indulge in maximum luxury, lavish villas nestled in the picturesque areas of the town are available for holidaymakers at more than 1500 euros weekly rent. Most of the holiday villas in L’Escala come with swimming pools. Furnished bedrooms, living area, terrace and fully equipped kitchen are other key features of the self-catering holiday homes in the Costa Brava town. Apart from renting a complete villa, there is also provision for bed and breakfast accommodation for guests who agree to share facilities with others. The country houses and refurbished Catalan stone houses are preferred by travelers who want to experience the rustic charm of traditional Catalan lifestyle. Despite their typical Catalan architecture and traditional décor, they are equipped with modern facilities. L’Escala also has a number of upscale modern villas and apartments. The high standard of facilities offered by the holiday villas tempts guests to revisit L’Escala.

How to Find Holiday Villas in L’Escala

Information about holiday villas in L’Escala is available on websites dealing with villa rentals in Spain and Costa Brava. A villa rental website provides detail information about the features of a villa and its rent. You may contact the owner of the holiday property through the villa rental website or book your accommodation in a villa of your choice in L’Escala directly through the website. Frequently, the villa rental websites offer attractive discounts on villa rent, thereby enabling holidaymakers to rent a plush villa in L’Escala at an affordable rate.

Attractions of L’Escala

There is ample scope for water sports and other leisure and activities in L’Escala. The city has several museums, monuments and restaurants serving delicious Catalan and Mediterranean delicacies.

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Best Villa Experience In Costa Brava Spain

Translated to mean wild coast, Costa Brava is a coastline that is simply awesome. It covers 160 kms of the coastline. It is situated in the province called Girona. The sands at Costa Brava are white and beautiful. Their beauty is outstanding. It is a great place for families, couples as well as individuals. There are many medieval towns all around that give the place an even prettier surrounding and also make it great for activities such as explorations. The villages here are a great place to see the local Spanish people carrying out their day to day activities especially fishing. It is a great place to try out some of the fish or sea foods as they are fresh and very tasty. There are natural views that will leave you dazed.

There are some very beautiful resort areas on this coastline. All these are the best places to look for the very best villa accommodation while in the region. A villa accommodation while in Costa Brava will give you the desired comfort that you require all through the holiday. Villas will also ensure that you have adequate space to carry out your activities like cooking as well as give you time to just relax and take in the various sceneries that are all round the area. Villas in Costa Brava are of different sizes as well as prices, thus it is not hard to find something that will fit into your budget.

Costa Brava is a very touristic region. There are many people at such areas especially over the summer periods. This means that accommodation cost at such an area can be rather high. It is however worth it. If you find the cost of accommodation too high, you may move inland so as to get a better priced villa accommodation. There are some villas in the surrounding areas which are still quite close to the Costa Brava coastline.

Villas in Costa Brava are facilitated to handle all your needs over one particular time while you are on holiday. They are very stylish and have some great themes. Some of the styles that are applied to the villas are those from days gone and are suitable for people who appreciate past architectural designs to great limits. For those who prefer modern styles, they are also available. The villas are constructed to include swimming pools, balconies and sometimes sun decks among many other features. There are a lot of options open for you, especially when on the ground but it is always good to check on the availability before you get there and if you have a trusted source, you may book well in advance.

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Majorca's Luxury Villas

There are a lot of different styles of buildings and houses that are quite noticeable when one visits Majorca. The different combinations are due to the different religions as well as colonial influences. Accommodation in Majorca is not a tough question as there are many options that are available to all regardless of the budget. There are many advantages that would make one settle for a luxury villa within Majorca. Indeed, there are great benefits associated with the luxury villas and when well chosen, many rewards can actually be reaped from this.

Some of the villas are situated at the beach areas giving some of the most spectacular views ever. When you choose to stay in such a villa in Majorca, you will be greatly rewarded by the scenic views that you will be able to spot all over the place. The beach front villas are quite expensive and their views are actually their selling points. Many people really desire to stay in a villa that faces the sea and so in most cases, the villas with such views are very much contested.

Villas are very ideal for the purpose of staying for longer periods of time. It is an ideal choice as you will have all the privacy that you desire even for the longest periods. Most people will settle for a villa in Majorca due to the simplicity as well as privacy that comes with a villa accommodation. You will have your very own space and live on your own terms without having to share any of the resources available to you with any outsiders. If you are with family, the facilities are exclusively for your needs.

Most villas in Majorca enjoy regular housekeeping as well as maintenance of the grounds. This means that you will not have to do any extra activities and you will therefore have some more time to engage in your own activities. You can have your very own chef to prepare your meals in some of the most modern kitchen facilities that are really classy. A butler can also be availed if you request for one, thus elevating the luxury holiday accommodation.

The furniture at most luxury villas is high class. The quality is really high and so are the furnishings and accessories within the house. Spas are also a common feature of a luxury villa accommodation in Majorca. A gym may also be included. When luxury is mentioned, the pool areas are quite large and designed in some of the most incredible ways, thus making everything within just unbelievably comfy.

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Amazing Villa Options In Girona

Villa accommodations are slowly gaining ground in many places in the world especially those that are tourist areas. There is much to look forward to when one is heading out on a holiday. Holidays are a good time to unwind and totally relax. It is therefore a time that should be spent in the best comfort as well as luxury and class. This is because a holiday is not something you take every day.

Villa accommodation has become quite popular due to the various advantages that are associated with them. In touristy areas such as Girona, the availability of villas is quite high. They are actually available in literally all the locations within the region. You can be able to select a villa based on the area that you are targeting. Girona villas are well displayed and you can easily find the kind of villa that will suit all your needs.

In Girona, the villas differ in terms of sizes and facilities. This is what actually makes the prices to differ too. You can be able to choose the correct size of villa for a honeymoon, for a family holiday, for a corporate holiday and also for an individual kind of holiday. There is a lot of good associated with villas in Girona.

Every location in Girona has different villa prices depending on the kind of views that are achieved by every villa. The more facilities available within a villa, the higher the price is expected to be.

There are many sites on the web today that give detailed information about the villas availability in Girona. Sometimes such adverts are put forth by the villa owners. When you deal with the owners, you can get all the information you require about the villa. Before settling for a villa, it is important to know about all the policies that are associated with the villa. This is because there are villas that do not allow pets while others are quite strict where children are concerned. However, most villas in Girona are family friendly.

In most cases, villas within the Girona area are available for rent on a per weekly basis. This means that you should be braced for this kind of payment method. Instead of renting a villa in Girona, why not buy one. In this way you can own a holiday home in your own name. This is very convenient since you will not have to worry about accommodation when heading out to this location. You may also rent out the villa to other people when you are not using it thus giving you some extra earnings.

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The Costa Brava Area Spain

Costa Brava is one of the most popular coastal regions in the country of Spain. It has a lot to offer such that many people will eventually come back for more to this region. It has great climate all year round and thus attracts a lot of people from the regions which are quite cold. The Costa Brava region is ideal for all people from all age groups and is therefore an ideal destination for the whole family. One of the very nice things about the region is the fact that it has all the recommended facilities to cater for the large numbers of tourists that come in every year. This is good news as employment for the locals is created and also the economy of the country as a whole is improved.

Bearing in mind that Spain has been a tour destination for many years, it is quite clear that the Costa Brava region which offers some of the very best summer holidays is a place highly sought out. The cuisine in this region is great and is something to be enjoyed to a very great extent.

If you need to have a great travel and holiday to and from Costa Brava, there are several things that you should bear in mind. The first one is air ticket bookings. When you book your tickets early, you will surely be able to get the very best deal as you will have time to compare various airline costs before settling for one. When you have kids in your company, you need to be even more punctual and try avoiding the peak season.

The next thing to do is plan for safety. Having kids comes with great responsibility. It is good to take all the necessary precautions when you are travelling with them. Carry your medicine kit and always make sure that they are all buckled up for their own sake. It is important that you talk to them so as to erase any fear they may be having.

Where kids are concerned, food is important. Make sure that they take healthy meals regardless of it being a holiday. Sure, a few rules can be broken but safety and health should always come first.

Accommodation is yet another important factor. Whereever you are with the family, you should make sure that the accommodation facility that you are settling for will be adequate for all. In most cases, apartments and villas are recommended for families travelling to Costa Brava. These are quite many and surely you will be able to find something that will work out quite nicely for you.

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The Popular Costa Blanca Spain

When translated, the name Costa Blanca means white coast. Costa Blanca is a region in Spain that covers an area of 200km+. It lies on the coastline of the Mediterranean ocean and is a great attraction for many people from far and wide. It is in the province of Alicante in the country of Spain. The tourism industry in Costa Blanca is actually one of the most vibrant industries found in this region. The majority of tourists who prefer this region are the Germans and the Brits. The most popular tourist areas within Costa Blanca are Xabia, Denia, Alicante as well as Benidorm.

The region has a very rich history especially bearing in mind that the Moors once occupied the region. A lot of evidence is seen in the region clearly indicating that the Moors actually impacted the region to an extent. The best thing about Costa Blanca is the fact that it is very ideal for families. Different people can comfortably visit the region regardless of their age or social status and still enjoy a holiday to the highest limits. The waters in this area are clear and very warm but there is more to the region than swimming.

Everyone may have their own reason as to why they prefer this region over the others. However, one of the unanimous reasons that have been embraced by many is the fact that the weather is just great! This is actually the chief reason why so many people flock to Costa Blanca over the holidays. Some just come in for the fair weather which is understandable especially for people who are from colder regions.

The WHO indicates that as a region, Costa Blanca has been able to display a climate that can be termed as perfect. This is in comparison to other places in the world. The sea is also a little warmer than normal making it ideal for children too. In comparison to Costa del sol where water is colder due to the Atlantic, the waters in Costa Blanca are indeed safer that the rest.

The Costa Blanca region is also very beautiful and the features themselves are something of a wonder to behold. The coastline is very unique and the waters charming. The water sports that can be enjoyed here have no limit and it is a world of fun for all who choose the region.

Accommodation is also not an issue and you can find something that is very affordable lying within whatever budget you may be working with. Make a careful selection before making a settlement.

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Things To Know About Renting A Villa In Spain

Spain is a tourist destination and it has been so for quite a long while. It is important to note that some of the properties that some people may refer to as villas may not be villas per se. Some of the properties may not even reach the standards of a villa and therefore searching for a villa in Spain should be done with utmost care so as to make sure that you get the best value for money. It can be rather unfortunate to pay up for a villa, then get to Spain and discover that it was a total sham. Take all the necessary precautions and ask all the information about the property. If it is possible, you may actually check out the villa yourself. To be a little safer, you may need to talk to the property owners directly so as to get the real information about the villa.

Villa rentals in Spain are definitely a good idea and come with their own advantages. The fact that costs can be shared among the members of the family or group means that you will be required to pay less than usual. Villas are available in different sizes, thus you can make the necessary choice so as to have something that can accommodate everyone well. There are many holiday deals that will help you enjoy great discounts even when the villa prices are a bit higher. If you decide to visit Spain in the off-season, then you will pay even lower prices. You can actually be able to get a villa to hold up to thirty people at a time.

When choosing a villa, it is very important to choose the holiday you want to have. When you are in a group, you will have to deal with different interests. The different age groups within the group will also require their own attention while if there are people with special needs, they will also need their own attention. You should therefore evaluate the group and get to know who the majority within the group are so as to pick a location that is suitable. There are also many locations that would be able to cater for all age groups as they offer a world of activities.

Most villas in Spain are away from town areas especially the major ones. This means that you may need a mode of transportation when you settle for this accommodation mode. It is very important that you lay out all the things that you want to do over the holiday so that you can estimate the various expenses that you might incur. Once you have settled for a villa, ensure that the paper work is flawless.

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Unbeatable Villa Selection In Spain

Spain is a great land with great things to offer. There is a lot to look forward to when heading out to this destination. The different regions offer different things to different people and thus give a whole new experience all the time. Spain has been a highly sought out destination especially by tourists for a very long time. Nothing has really changed and the holidays in Spain have actually only gotten better as the days progress.

The thing that has really changed in Spain is accommodation with better deals emerging with each dawning day. Villas are becoming even more popular in Spain due to the experience they are able to give everyone who chooses them for accommodation. There are some agencies that can really help you when you are trying to find a villa in Spain but even as you are relying on such information, always make sure that the quality is never compromised. Take all the necessary precautions to ensure that you are not conned. Most villas should be listed under properties in Spain.

When you settle for a villa holiday, you can expect only the very best experience in the region. The memories made at villas, especially when they are of high standards, are totally unforgettable; thus careful selection is a must if one is to have the time of their life. Spain is very dedicated to tourism and therefore has revolutionalized accommodation making it a very big part of the entire holiday, not just the sightseeing!

Most people settle for villas, and for good reason as the advantages are many. There are also many villas in all parts of Spain so that making a choice is really very easy. The recent development is the fact that you need not only rent a villa, you can actually buy one for your own leisure. You can then have the villa customized in a way that will totally work out for you. This will help you understand the region better and also reduce the luggage that you need to carry with you every time you visit Spain. This is more convenient than most options.

Freedom is the other thing that a villa will give you. You do not have to follow a schedule to do your things like taking meals, going for swims, etc. You can make your own meals at any time you deem fit as the villas have totally facilitated modern kitchens. You can move around as you please within your own space.

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