Climate Regions

Hawaii:Issabela Peralta

Climate Regions

Hawaii's Climate is a tropical since it is on an island,it lies near the Pacific Ocean.American State of Hawaii,which covers the Hawai'ian island it experiences many climate changes and weather.

Hawaii's Temperture

There are only two seasons in Hawaii summer from May to October and winter from November to April.The average temperture during summer is at sea level 85 degress.The winter average temperture is 78 degress.It's highest 80 degress and it's lowest is 72 degress.The rain fall is 204mm and (8)inches of water.

Hawaii's Elevation

Hawaii's Elevation in (ft) 3,030 it's highest point is Puu Wekiu Mauuna Kea.Elevation in general is 13,796 and that's in sea level.

Hawaii's Latitude

Hawaii's most important lines are 156 west longitude in one direction and 19,20,21,and the last one 22 degress North.The lines fall on Oahu and the Big Islands.